Casa Vince
Casa Vince


Emirati-Palestinian Singer/Songwriter Goes Candid
Casa Vince

Emirati-Palestinian singer/songwriter Casa Vince—which means "House of Conquer"—is set to conquer not only the music space but also overpower the stigma and ill effects of depression.

Casa Vince
Casa Vince

V.Niq Rebrands as Casa Vince

Opening a new chapter in his music journey, Casa Vince, the artist formerly known as V.Niq, shows his candid and vulnerable side in a Chair Sessions interview with Musivv.

I type-searched "manhood synonyms" and this paragraph caught my attention: The qualities traditionally (emphasis mine) associated with men such as courage, and strength.

There have been steps taken to change the connotations and stereotypes associated with what defines man—or woman. However, it is still a long way for our society to abruptly press the brakes and take a U-turn.

Musivv's 'Artist of the Month', Casa Vince echoes the importance of shedding light on the alarming rise of depression among men. Opening up  about his mental health struggle, he shares in an interview, "I feel like in this generation, men have it way tougher than women." We live in an unyielding culture in which men feel uneasy voicing themselves. A society that reinforces the most harmful kinds of masculinity at the expense of broken manhood. "Men can't seek the help that they need because of what society would say about them," he adds.

Men can't seek the help that they need because of what society would say about them

As men of the house, the proclivity to portray the "tough-guy" image results in warped ideas of manhood. Redefining manhood is pivotal.

Boxing As An Escape

Growing up with a stutter when he was a young boy, he found refuge in music and sports. "I love boxing, I was boxing since I was 16 or 17," recalls Vince. "We can't speak to anyone [about emotions] so we either take it out in the gym or a punching bag," he adds.

Throughout our society, men are impacted negatively by toxic hyper-masculinity, and it has contributed to a crisis in men’s health—physical and mental.

We’re socialized to be stoic and strong, to not consider our own feelings or state of well-being, and we’re not taught self-care. This can lead to a whole range of issues, from substance abuse and addiction to mental health problems.

"I love boxing! I started it when i was 17."

The interview made it clearer to me that we are in dire need of social change to break the cycle. The younger generation needs role models who can be held or looked up to as paragons of positive masculinity.

Our society can reinforce the worst kinds of masculinity. We need more Casa Vinces to spark change in the education system, music and sport, and all other aspects of society. Our foremost objective must be to show every man and boy that it is good to care, share emotions, and be vulnerable. A gentle heart to go beyond people’s expectations goes a long way.

Watch the full interview:

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