From Iran to Dubai, AmirMo is all about those chords and beats, and other times, it's the lyrics that lead.

Hold onto your headphones; the maestro of melodies from Iran is in town!

If Amir Mohammadi, alias AmirMo, were a superhero, he'd be Captain Remix. After a decade of weaving musical magic in Iran, he's landed in Dubai, ready to sprinkle some of that Persian pixie dust on its eclectic beats.

"I started to be heard after putting out a popular remix of an Iranian singer 'Amirabbas Golab' which was published in 2018," he shares.

In Iran, AmirMo wasn't just content being a background guy. No sir! After producing, band-leading, and working the sound engineering wizardry, he took a shot in the spotlight. How? Well, picture this: He spins a remix for Amirabbas Golab in 2018, and BOOM! Suddenly, AmirMo wasn't just a name; it was a brand, a sensation, the thing everyone was humming to.

Then, just when you thought he'd hang up his boots (or rather, his high-tops), AmirMo goes, "Hold my metronome!" and jumps into singing. His cover of "Meslesh Nist" isn't just music; it's like an auditory hug. He truly believes in the power of voice and emotion. In his words,

"Sometimes, all it takes is a good melody and lyrics, even with a simple arrangement, to create great music."

For AmirMo, there's no cookie-cutter approach to music. Sometimes, he's all about those chords and beats, and other times, it's the lyrics that lead. He's a chef in a musical kitchen, adding a pinch of this and a dash of that until the dish—that is, the song—tastes just right. "When it feels right and captures the emotion, it's ready for distribution," he explains.

Ask him about his favorite projects, and he'll serenade you with tales of albums, of singles like 'Nemiri Nemiri', and of tracks that have left audiences enchanted. But what's next for our Persian maestro in the land of camels and skyscrapers? Collaborations, of course! And given Dubai's potpourri of talent, AmirMo's got his pick. "I'm genuinely excited about the prospect of my first collaboration here," he says with a glimmer in his eyes."

In an era where our minds constantly juggle digital cacophonies and daily stressors, music emerges as an ancient salve, a time-tested sanctuary. AmirMo's work underscores this sentiment. Research has shown that learning an instrument can combat the fog of Alzheimer's, illuminating memories once thought lost. Moreover, just as mastering a new language stretches cognitive horizons, the gentle embrace of soothing tunes acts as a refuge, offering a much-needed pause from life's relentless pace. If our minds are the bustling streets of a 24/7 city, music is that serene park where the soul finds its respite.

A few months into his Dubai chronicles, and he's already humming the city's rhythm. Amidst the desert dunes and shimmering towers, AmirMo is ready to set the music scene ablaze. So, Dubai, are you ready for this Persian powerhouse? Because he's just getting started, and by the sound of it, we're all in for a treat!

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September 21, 2023

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