Get a chance to know the Grammy-nominated producer, his life story and music straight from the multifaceted, multi talented producer himself.

It's like an autobiography. B Sims, a versatile and gifted executive with multifaceted talents, hails from Memphis, Tennessee, and honed his skills for eight years in Atlanta as a songster, engineer, and vocal producer before relocating to Los Angeles in 2018. B Sims pursued Political Science at Middle Tennessee State University, with a minor in African-American Studies and Spanish. During his academic years, he was a member of Intense, a four-man boy band he had founded with his high school companions, which dissolved post-college after a brief stay in Los Angeles, resulting in B Sims and one of his bandmates creating a production and songwriting duet, The Elements. In Atlanta, they collaborated with diverse musicians on multiple TV projects over the years.

B Sims at the Grammy weekend. Photo Supplied

I look at my life as a perfect journey of good and bad events that made me who I am but none more significant than another. I grew up in a single parent household, as an only child with a lot of alone time, in a poverty stricken environment. This is an epithet in my community as old as the community itself and not much more unique than most of my contemporaries but the things that come with that upbringing are those that build character, resilience and discernment. I spent a lot time alone as a child and really helped me shape my own experience of the world and really operate outside of the more commonly propagated perspectives of reality.

I look at my life as a perfect journey of good and bad events


I'm currently working on projects for Chris Brown, Trey Songz, and Justin Beiber records for pitch and a host of ‘Upnext’ artists like; Will Gittens, Evrywhr, TA Thomas, Johnni Blaze along still with a ton of sync work for TV and film. I've worked with producers like Harv (Justin Bieber), DJ Camper (HER), Scott Storch (Dr.Dre), Chizzy Stephens(Chris Brown), Bangladesh (Lil Wayne) and many more over the 13 years I've been in the industry.


The pandemic really gave me my first opportunity to do music full time and it was during this time I co-wrote 2 songs , “Patience” and “Counting My Blessings”, on Eric Bellinger’s Grammy Nominated album “ New Light”. My work being acknowledged on such a stage really reaffirmed my commitment to my dreams. I was also more honored to be a part and able to contribute to one of my favorite creatives ever's first nomination as an artist.


My creative process is one of flow. Sometimes it's a random idea that pops in my head driving.  Sometimes it's a random conversation. Sometimes I get inspired by other songs and sometimes I'm merely creating from a brief of what someone needs for a particular song. Either way my preferred method is to start with a concept and chords whether it be guitar or piano. I have some amazing musician friends who aid me in this regard and we usually start there. Coming up with the song is usually just based around concept and melody and then the lyrics kind of just write themselves once we track melody and do some comping and it's usually 2 or more of us but I like to keep it under 6 people.

My creative process is one of flow.


A song is like making a baby and honestly it's never really done lol. As a creator of a song you'll probably want to change a few things 95% of the time of everything you release to the public . The key is to not overthink it and to allow yourself room to get out of your own way. As cliche' as it sounds, it has to feel right. Now actual finishing is an entirely different thing because you want high quality bounces, mixes, and masters but those are all technical things. As for the song, it has to FEEL right.


When working with an artist I look for unique identifiers. Things that make this artist "them". I want to see their perspectives, feel their emotions, and hear their thoughts so I dive deep quickly. I want to understand them and see where I can possibly fill in the holes.


The top 3 projects I've worked on would have to be the Grammy Nominated Album "New Light", the tv series P Valley where I wrote a song called Champagne Campaign on episode 3 of the second season. Lastly, the project that Dr. Dre did for GTA was something I was working on as well, and though the records I worked on never made the final cut, Dr. Dre loved them and they still may be something one day, fingers crossed. I got a chance to meet Dr. Dre out of the deal and it was really exciting to challenge myself to make something that would live up to the Doctor's level of greatness.

...the project that Dr. Dre did for GTA was something I was working on as well,


To any and all aspiring artists, musicians, and producers, let your passion be your fire. If you are truly passionate about your craft then focus on that and not the outside world. We are here to use or craft as a tool in life to provide a pathway to the lives we envision for ourselves, but we lend that tool out sometimes and never go get it back. Service is one of the greatest acts of kindness and I could think of no better way to be of service than to use your craft but remember it is yours and yours alone to be used by others but kept by you.

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April 12, 2023

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