In a sea of turn table artists, DJ Emir sounds off and shares his views.

Some people think that disk jockeys (DJs) are musicians, and some think they are not musicians.

Dj Emir believes the former. An active silhouette at the back of the stage, throwing shapes and pitches himself at his keyboard, and even his remixes become one more blare of testosterone. His shrill workouts always sound like dance music clumsily played by an EDM musician, with the head-bobbing-gone-digital trance. It's hard to see this racket as a musical form at all, as the left-handed rhythms, brooding atmospherics and profound pauses that contrast the best of the genre are mislaid entirely. But sometimes it's the most clamorous voices that get heard.

Dj Emir in the studio. Photo supplied.

How are you?

I'm good thank you!

Please tell us about yourself and your musical journey. 

I'm a French/Tunisian Dj/producer based in Dubai for almost 10 years now, I'm very eclectic as Dj and I love almost all genres. I'm more into electronic music as a producer (house, afro house, deep house).

What has been your most memorable gig ever? 

I have so many! Difficult to choose.

Recently I did a gig for the Louis Vuitton brand and it was probably one of the most beautiful events I performed. I performed a few years ago also with Ne-Yo at cirque du soir and that was insane because it was a small club and the energy was incredible!

What would your profession be if you were not a DJ? 

Maybe a musician or something related to creative video. 

Was there ever a moment when you wanted to quit? 

Yes and it was for the wrong reasons, Thank god I didn't!

Biggest challenge you faced pursuing your passion? 

Leaving Paris for Dubai.

If there is any mellow song that you would like to do a dance track of, what would it be? 

This is a very good question. If I can get the stems I will probably remix an Amr Dhiab song 'Tamalli Maak'

Biggest dream? 

I'm living the dream!

Any message you wish to leave for anyone who wants to pursue being a DJ? 

Do it for the music passion, not for the wrong reasons, and never give up!

Follow Emir as he follows his dream:

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September 1, 2022

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