Singer-songwriter Khaela moved to Dubai to pursue her passion and now releases her debut EP 'Call My Name', in the name of leaving heartbreak behind.

There is perhaps nothing more painful than a shattered heart.

It takes a person on an emotional and ostensibly perpetual roller coaster ride.

Heartbreak is debilitating. It makes it hard to eat and sleep. Motivation escapes, and simply getting out of bed becomes an insurmountable task.

It's no secret how artists like Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Adele, Olivia Rodrigo—the list goes on—sheer heartbreak into masterpieces. Dubai-based artist/model Kaehla is no stranger to this power to turn things around. She shares the story behind her bopping latest record, 'Call My Name' to musivv in an exclusive interview.

Kaehla enjoying the sun. Photo supplied.

Tell us about 'Call My Name.'

Well, a funny story. I got heartbroken. So I wrote about it. I turned that pain into power. My ex was a walking red flag. I figured out he was dating multiple girls at the same time. But I was just so addicted to him, and I know he's the same with me but we weren't just that good for each other. We're both acting like little kids. I couldn't trust him. So he started dating this new girl, and he kept ringing me or messaging me and I was trying to move on. The girl, on the other hand, kept liking my photos on Instagram. How weird right? I just wanted to move on, and they kind of made the process a bit hard through that. So I just started writing a song about them. And it felt good. It feels good to write about the pain because it fuels me at the same time. I learned from my mistakes, and I just kept getting better. I just evolved from a little girl to a woman, who knows her standards and what she wants. To a woman, ready to love purely, but smart of course. The woman who will never settle for less anymore. Btw, they broke up and my ex still kept messaging me and reminiscing about how I loved him blah blah blah. 

my ex still kept messaging me and reminiscing about how I loved him blah blah blah

What did you enjoy the most in writing your latest single? 

I think the recording because I got to play with different melodies. I got to feel what I wrote through my heart. It was a weird feeling. I felt the adrenaline whenever I sang, the happiness of being who I am, and just owning my truth through my music which was [kind of] an amazing adventure and experience for me that I wanted to share with everyone. 

What line of the song strikes you the most and why? 

"It's time to say goodbye, to all the thirst in your eyes"

I guess because saying goodbye to him wasn't easy at all. It took me a year to let go of that toxic human being. I actually didn't even say goodbye. I just blocked him. That was how toxic he was. I had to get rid of him. It wasn't healthy for me at all. It was an insane experience. He shattered me into pieces.

"It's time to say goodbye, to all the thirst in your eyes"

What is the biggest takeaway you want your listeners to take from 'Call My Name?'

Well, I guess it's for them to be strong no matter how painful love can get. I mean, we will always commit mistakes, especially when choosing who to love, but I guess that's how we learn. After every heartbreak, we learn in ourselves what we want to avoid, and what we actually want in love and relationships. We also learn things like our own worth. I always get chased by my exes after the breakups. So that to me means I'm not the one who's got a problem. My intentions were pure. That is my power, and that's every other girl's power, too.  

Kaehla's latest EP 'Call My Name' official artwork. Image supplied.

Khaela remains a believer in true love. Love is timeless, and so is much of the art, theater, film, literature and music it has influenced. Heartbreak is not the end of the world. For others it could be the very beginning—a blessing in disguise.

The EP 'Call My Name' is now available on all digital download and streaming platforms. 

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May 27, 2022

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