Adil shares his journey from India to Dubai and his debut single 'Calling U"

From a young age, Adil engaged in singing but paid less attention to his talent.

When he turned 18, however, he experienced a period of depression that lasted for a couple of years. During this time, he felt completely lost and struggled to find his true identity. Then inspiration hit. The incredible amount of attention he received performing in front of a large crowd was overwhelming and inspired him to live life to the fullest and pursue his creative endeavors.

"I lacked significant exposure in my home country," he shares, due to its unique style he assumed. As a result, he decided to relocate and give his all to become the best version of himself and release good music.

"In late 2022, I began embarking on my musical journey," the singer-songwriter shares.

"I initially started by doing covers of his favorite songs and frequently attended open mics and jamming sessions." In response to the encouragement from friends and fellow musicians, our artist found himself on the receiving end of persuasive suggestions to venture into a professional studio. Drawing from a wealth of prior experience performing with a band in his native country and participating in several gigs, he carried this musical prowess beyond India. Swiftly procuring studio equipment, he embarked on the journey of recording and composing. The culmination of these efforts bore fruit with the successful release of his inaugural single.

Every song has a story. And most sad song has a girl behind it. At least for Adil. "I began to develop a profound connection with a girl I met in my home country," he recalls with a whim. "And it’s astonishing how our entire date felt like something out of a movie, with the perfect atmosphere." However, Adil left the vibrant canvas of India for the mystical embrace of the UAE. The poignant farewell, saturated with an exquisite vibe, resonated like a J.K. Rowling enchantment. Compelled by heartache, he channeled his emotions into a musical pensieve, crafting a song that distilled the essence of their shared journey.

"I began to develop a profound connection with a girl I met in my home country,"

Clocking in work 9-5, his passion for music stood out as a distinctive note. Par for the course, he had to carve out moments for musical pursuits. Armed with a method that seamlessly integrated work and songwriting, he stealthily penned lyrics, reserving studio time for later. This demanded considerable effort, yet the exhilaration of creating music became a magnetic force, infusing his daily grind with a captivating rhythm. The challenges were not obstacles but rather notes in the creative symphony. "The chorus of his song was catchy and I wrote it about the time we had together, the way it was those days," he reminisces. Adil showcased his creativity in the cover artwork, and managed to discover a perfect location to capture it, "and it perfectly complements the song."

"Music and fashion hold great significance in my life."

Adil admits that he may not possess exceptional artistic talents, but he takes immense pleasure from his pursuits. "The excitement of achieving a flawless outcome" and the thrill of acquiring new knowledge contribute to his enjoyment. "As a musician, what I cherish the most is the opportunity to perform on stage," he claims, along with playing the music he loves, and observe the audience's reactions. Another aspect that he truly enjoys is the freedom to express himself and feel a sense of accomplishment in creating and writing pieces, "particularly when it comes to songwriting and pouring out his emotions." The ability to convey his thoughts and feelings in his unique way "is truly amazing" according to thim.

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December 22, 2023

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