Meshal Alluqman, known professionally as MESH (SA), emerged as a distinguished electronic music producer and performer from Saudi Arabia.

Back in 2018, MESH (SA) kicked off his DJ journey in Bahrain, where he is currently based. It has been a whirlwind since then.

Somehow, in a blink of an eye, the producer managed to build a solid fan base with his storytelling-infused music mixes, signaling the start of his musical journey. That initial spark turned into a full-blown flame of commitment to music, becoming a lifelong pursuit. His goal? To fuse artistic passion with legit academic know-how in music and sound engineering, all to level up his game as an artist and musician. Why? His hunger for success in the music industry, and desire for his crafted sounds to send out vibes and messages that resonate with the world is a core reason. In essence, “Music is my expression language.”

MESH (SA)'s musical journey hit a major turning point when his mother shared some candid insights about his production. According to her, the whole instrumental, "noisy" vibe, did not resonate with her claiming it "lacked relatability being without vocals." Her critique, though initially stinging, lit a creative fire under MESH (SA). It led to blending in culturally influenced elements and unique sounds, crafting a music experience that defies the usual genre boundaries.

This transformative shift pushed me to craft a unique signature in my electronic compositions by infusing our traditional culturally influenced music, sounds, and vocals, while also reimagining popular tunes. "My artistic mission has evolved to go beyond traditional electronic music genre boundaries," he says. MESH (SA) aims to immerse listeners in a diverse and distinctive musical experience, drawing on my mastery and knowledge in music production, sound design, and engineering, all thanks to his mentor, Cattaree. "His unwavering support, patience, and passion have been instrumental in my development, guiding me since the start of 2022." the producer recalls. Under Cattaree's mentorship, MESH (SA) learned the importance of continuous growth, organizational prowess, and the value of curating a personal library, rejecting rigid processes in favor of a logical approach to creativity. "His enduring counsel on hard work and persistence has proven invaluable," he praises.

"His unwavering support, patience, and passion have been instrumental in my development, guiding me since the start of 2022."

In a remarkably short time, MESH (SA) garnered the attention of prestigious record labels like Cafe de Anatolia, Beatfreak Recordings, Lelantus Records, Running Clouds, and UGENIUS. His distinctive creation and style in electronic music has earned him a stellar reputation, allowing to build a fanbase and gain recognition in the industry and the region. 

This recognition has opened doors for collaborations with international artists and opportunities to perform in various places and countries. A highlight among these achievements was his participation and performance at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), one of the world's largest electronic music festivals, in October 2023 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Cooking up a tune is like crafting the perfect cocktail — it's all about the right ingredients and a sprinkle of magic. MESH (SA)'s music production journey is this intricate dance between unleashing creativity and nailing the technical bits. It's a bit like planning a heist but — the legal kind.

The process kicks off with a grand vision. "I'm laying down the blueprint for the musical masterpiece," he shares. Then comes the fun part – adding beats, melodies, and all those fancy elements. It's like throwing a wild party, and everyone's invited, even the snare drum.

"I'm laying down the blueprint for the musical masterpiece," he shares.

Now, here's where the perfectionist in MESH (SA) steps in. Edit like there's no tomorrow – quantizing, dragging, dropping, and all the moves you'd see on a dance floor. It's like sculpting Michelangelo's David, but with more cowbell.

Finally, slide into the mix and master phase. Picture it like a mad scientist in a lab, balancing levels, applying EQ, and sprinkling effects. It's the DJ of the kitchen, making sure every flavor pops. After all that, he sits back, evaluate the mix, and voila! A finely tuned symphony ready to conquer eardrums worldwide.

In assessing the preparedness of a completed track for release, the subsequent steps in this decision-making process unfold during the "Demo Feedback" stage of the new track, "Demo Feedback."

This stage serves as a pivotal phase in finalizing the track, signifying the last opportunity for creative adjustments before deeming it finalized and ready for release.

After meticulously mixing and mastering a new track, the process is initiated by comparing its sounds to a carefully chosen reference track. The subsequent step involves sharing the composition with fellow producers, musicians, and performers to gather invaluable mix feedback. Additionally, the demo track undergoes the ultimate test on dance floors during live performances, actively seeking feedback and reactions from the audience.

Pooling together the insights garnered from this multifaceted feedback approach, the crucial task of evaluating the track's readiness for release begins. During this phase, informed decisions are made on whether further adjustments are required or if the track is poised for its official release. This meticulous process ensures that the final product resonates seamlessly with both artistic vision and audience expectations.

As a Saudi musician, MESH (SA) find immense joy in being a witness and an active participant in the extraordinary evolution and robust growth of Saudi Arabia's burgeoning music scene. The rapid development, filled with numerous successes and significant achievements, is like music to his ears (pun intended) as he navigates through this transformative period. "Saudi Arabia has swiftly become my top gig spot," and MESH (SA) is delighted to have cultivated a dedicated fanbase that consistently brings unparalleled energy, incredible vibes, and unwavering enthusiasm to his performances.

"Saudi Arabia has swiftly become my top gig spot,"

"I eagerly anticipate and hope for the continued expansion of the music scene in the country, envisioning Saudi Arabia as a future powerhouse in the music industry." This vision includes exporting talents, hosting electrifying live events, revolutionizing music education, and positioning the country as a leading force in global music consumption. His optimism extends to the sustained growth of the music industry, foreseeing its positive impact on both the Kingdom's economy and the broader international music market. "It's like music to my ears, quite literally!"

MESH (SA) dreams to collaborate with Vintage Culture and Wegz.

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December 18, 2023

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