Singer-songwriter talks about personal branding, mental health and her soon-to-be-released single 'Graves'

The harmonization of innovative outcomes, promotional assets, and targeted communication steers a distinct individuality.

This distinction assists creators in distinguishing themselves from several other contenders competing for the same limelight, even in the same genre. Potent, coherent branding crafts an unparalleled perception among viewers.

Singer-songwriter, pianist and vocal coach Elisa Astrid kept a distance from the passion she loves (longer than she expected), to find her true identity and brand as an artist. "And you know, I really wanted to refine who I am as a brand, as an artist and who my audience is," the vocal coach shares Musivv. Elisa found herself "just been a little in between" and not very set in stone about how she wants to be perceived. "And now I realized that my audience are people who want to feel better about themselves and understand their worth, because that's the journey that I've been on," she adds.

Elisa Astrid interviewed by Marcus at the CHAIR SESSIONS Live. Photo credits: Patrick de Leon.

There is no solitary strategy to fashioning a brand identity – it's an intricate course that demands a thorough exploration of one's persona as an artist to identify one's distinguishing traits, and then employing deliberate messaging and media curation to narrate that tale.

The conversation took a rather intimate and deeply personal route, delving into a territory of vulnerability that Elisa does not frequently approach. It's noteworthy to mention that Elisa tends to emanate an image of having a flawless disposition, which can be deceiving to others. People often mistake her apparent self-assurance for a lack of warmth or emotional depth. However, those who have the opportunity to get to know her on a deeper level are met with a strikingly kind and affectionate individual. "And it's just something that I had to deal with for a long time," the songwriter expressed about how these rather insignificant matters take a toll on one's mental health.

"And just in general, of course I go through ups and downs, but they're just a lot less and manageable."

In a recent CHAIR SESSIONS Live interview, Elisa disclosed that her work extends beyond music. She shared a touching story about a young student whom she had the opportunity to mentor. The student, a young girl of 15-16 years, was struggling to find her footing in a tumultuous environment. Despite her considerable talent as a singer, the young girl was paralyzed by fear when it came to performing in public. She confided in Elisa, sharing her fear that others would judge her harshly. Elisa expressed her empathy for the student, recalling her own struggles during that difficult time. However, she was determined to empower the young girl, encouraging her to explore her fears and overcome them with confidence.

"In a year's time, just seeing her being able to do things that she would never allow herself to do was just such an incredible change. And some sessions were just me talking to her, asking her questions, almost like a therapy. Because, you know, coaching, big part of coaching, is like therapy," she concludes.

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May 11, 2023

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