Flipperachi, a Bahraini rap sensation, blends traditional Arabic poetic cadences with modern hip-hop beats, symbolizing the rapidly evolving and explosive potential of the Arab hip-hop scene.

He's a Bahraini rapper and music artist who has gained notable popularity in the Gulf region.

Known for his catchy hooks and a distinctive blend of Arabic and English in his songs, Flipperachi has carved a niche for himself in the Middle East's hip-hop scene. He's collaborated with several artists and has been part of multiple hit tracks.

Flipperachi in the studio. Photo supplied.

One of his most notable collaborations is with the Bahraini artist, Daffy. Together, they've released several tracks that gained significant popularity in the Gulf region. Their song "EE LAA" is particularly well-known and has garnered millions of views on YouTube. The duo's chemistry and complementary styles have made their collaborations quite successful.

Songwriting in the Arab world intricately weaves rich poetic traditions with contemporary narratives, reflecting the region's deep-rooted history and evolving cultural dynamics. Arab hip-hop, specifically, has evolved as a potent medium, blending traditional poetic cadences with modern beats to voice societal concerns and cultural commentaries. Flipperachi admits, "The writing is definitely my favorite part of the process by far. After that comes recording, but I enjoy writing the most."

It's uncanny how life's wild twists and punches, whether they sucker-punch you right in the gut or send you soaring on cloud nine, have this knack for molding and reshaping a soul. Every experience, be it as searing as the blazing equator or as comforting as your grandad's age-old anecdotes, plays its part. It's like life's own messy, unpredictable playlist – sometimes you're head-banging to a raging guitar riff, and sometimes it's that melancholic ballad that just gets you. For Flipperachi, "it's not much of an event as much as it is a person." His father, whom they lost recently, was the backbone of the clan. Through every moment, he emphasized that life's all about striking the right balance. Every damn thing. "And if you have responsibilities then take them with pride, and know that tragedies and blessings that you overcome and accept will make you a worthy man," he adds. His passion for the hip-hop culture extends to basketball, anime and boxing and the universal topic he loves to talk about — love.

Flipperachi in the studio. Photo supplied.

As for the future of Arab hip-hop? Hold onto your seats, because it's about to explode. It's not just beats and rhymes; it's stories, revolutions, love, passion, and centuries of culture wrapped up in a modern beat. As the world shrinks and East meets West, you've got this deluge of talent just ready to break through. We're talking about voices that have been waiting, simmering under that equatorial sun, to tell their tales. "It’s definitely expanding, and I see that Arabic hip hop has more characteristics, personality, and acceptance in the music industry," Flip says about the future of Arab hip hop. "I think in the near future, Arabic hip-hop will be competing with and featuring international award-winning artists and pioneers," he adds.

The next decade? Mark these words, it's going to be the era of Arab hip-hop hitting the global charts. And if you're not onboard yet, you'd better keep your eyes peeled because you won't want to miss this ride.

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August 1, 2023

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