Lebanese DJ and producer based in Dubai Josh have made a name for himself in the music industry.

Starting as a DJ at 18, he soon won a DJ competition at his university in Beirut and joined Radio One Lebanon.

A lover of dogs, ketchup, motorbikes, tennis and football. "And my favorite color is red." he shares. "I love summer, the mountains and I can’t stand cold and rain for more than a day. I’m also very indecisive, and my pet peeve is someone whispering," the producer admits.

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The multi-talented chap has performed at some of the grandest clubs and shared the stage with artists such as Akon and The Script. He has also played at Formula 1 Abu Dhabi GP and in events in Spain, Cyprus, and Kuwait. Aside from performing, the multi-faceted artist established his personal radio program "Club Invasion" in 2011 and put out seven primary tracks with over 2 million streams in total. In the early months of 2020, he started a succession of live music sessions in his studio known as Soirée Studios, but he had to cease them owing to the pandemic.

Josh lately worked on a collaboration with Ghaliaa on a new track dubbed "3alli Sawtak," in which he amalgamates their contrasting music styles. "I’m a big fan of Ghaliaa’s. She’s pure talent, and we discussed working together many times. She sent me some demos and when I heard that one I knew I had to do it. I instantly started working on it and she really liked the vibe I was going with," he says. The track's introduction deliberately leads the listener astray, but once the beat drops, the infectious chorus remains in one's mind.

I’m a big fan of Ghaliaa’s. She’s pure talent, and we discussed working together many times.

Josh and Ghaliaa have numerous things in common, including a passion for exploration and motorcycles. "When I moved to Dubai just over a year ago, it took me a while to get in the zone and be comfortable in my new studio. The space I’m in affects my productivity and focus. This song helped me get back into it and I’m now working on an EP with some indie artists I’m crossing paths with throughout my career in the music industry."

Another of Josh's favored tracks is "Run Run Run," which he worked on with Boudy, the lead vocalist of a cover band named The JLP Show. "It’s inspired by the series Cobra Kai hence its retro vibe. Just like the show, the lyrics are corny on purpose. To give it the 80s stamp, I recorded an electric guitar solo with another great artist and friend, John-Paul Jalwan. This song got us through a tough lockdown," he recalls.

The dynamic DJ relishes working with musicians and recording real instruments for his tracks, granting them the opportunity to go wild and add their unique mark to the track. "In 'Falling For You', O Alan takes us on a trip with his staggering sax skills on the solo," Josh boasts.

In 'Falling For You', O Alan takes us on a trip with his staggering sax skills on the solo

The producer shares his views on creative processes. "Definitely songwriting is the part I enjoy the least," he reveals. Truth be told, when it comes to tunes, Josh "couldn’t care less" about what the singer is yammering on about. His ears are solely attuned to the melodic timbre. "In my head, the vocals are just like any other instrument making noise." In a collaborative composition situation, his mission is to assist songsmiths in getting their creative juices flowing, and that's how he makes his mark on the lyrics. Even at a negligible minimal involvement, perhaps throwing in a few ideas, Josh only steps in to determine the theme and the course of the song.

Apart from music, Joshua is enthusiastic about films, TV series, and video games. He is a sound design connoisseur and also enjoys cooking. Although he is not an early bird, he is continuously engrossed in a project and discovers passion projects to be therapeutic and inspirational. Joshua's weekly radio program and podcast, "Club Invasion," features the best in dance music through a two-hour medley. It has captured the interest of promoters and major labels and has exclusive distributions by luminaries such as Steve Aoki, Hardwell, The Chainsmokers, Lost Frequencies, Deadmau5, Ultra Music Radio, and MDL Beast Radio. "After 11 years on the radio, I decided to take a break from the show and put it on hold for now. You can find previous episodes on Apple Podcasts and Anghami," he concludes.

After 11 years on the radio, I decided to take a break from the show and put it on hold for now

On the whole, Joshua's musical journey has been productive and eventful even now that he is managing music partnerships at a global music and video company. And he is certain to create more ripples and impact in the music industry in the future — beyond being an artist.

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February 14, 2023

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