OFFtrack band leader Sumit Sharma delves into the journey that led to the right track debut EP 'ONSRA'
Just as a sleek Lamborghini roars to life, its engine resonating with a powerful and unmistakable sound, Sumit and his band "OFFtrack" burst onto the music scene with a unique and unforgettable presence.

They aim to stand out like a meticulously maintained Lamborghini on a street teeming with everyday cars.

Band leader Sumit Sharma's musical journey began in his early 20s with a punk band in India. After a move to Bahrain and experiencing personal challenges, he explored songwriting as an emotional outlet. Doubts about his abilities led him to join the band 'Belly Of Paris,' where he learned about songwriting. "It was probably the best decision I made at that time, cause I realised I was not ready," the frontman shares.

"I needed more depth and art of expression as a songwriter," he adds.

The band dissolved due to a member's departure. Inspired by influences like Pixies and Radiohead, Sumit formed OFFtrack with bandmates Sara, Ryan, and Sean. Amidst personal turmoil and creative struggles, they found a unique sound. Vishnu played a crucial role in the production. Sumit humorously named the band "OFFtrack," which became their musical journey's defining characteristic.

In a Musivv exclusive interview, the band members share insights into their EP "ONSRA," a deeply personal and emotionally charged collection of songs. Sumit describes the EP as a reflection of mood swings, emotional turbulence, and the warmth found amid the chaos of life. The central theme revolves around concepts of longing, resignation, and the desire for acceptance. They delve into the unique quality that sets OFFtrack apart from other Middle Eastern bands. The band members have a less traditional and more unconventional approach to creating music, aiming to inspire other musicians in the region to step out of their comfort zones and take creative risks.

The interview reveals the dynamics within the band, with insights into who brings humor, seriousness, and quiet contemplation to the group. They highlight the diverse musical tastes of the band members, all of whom are involved in their respective musical projects. This diversity played a crucial role in shaping OFFtrack's sound and experience.

When asked if there were moments they considered quitting, the band members express unwavering commitment, even in the face of challenges and life's unpredictability.

Sumit and his bandmates discuss how OFFtrack stands apart from their other musical projects. Each project has its unique sound, but OFFtrack distinguishes itself with its melancholic and introspective tone.

Lastly, they share their most cherished song and why it holds a special place in their hearts. Sean's choice, "Still Dumb," is considered a musical treat that encapsulates the hard work and creative dedication poured into OFFtrack's journey.

Sara points to the same song, emphasizing its enduring relevance, while Ryan singles out "Everything You'll Never Have" as the foundational track that laid the band's chemistry.

ONSRA official cover artwork.

So, just as a Lamborghini's allure remains timeless, OFFtrack's music promises a captivating and enduring experience. It's not just a song; it's a journey – one you'd want to embark on again and again.

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December 5, 2023

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