Lebanese born in West Africa, Sierra Leone, Sharara was always interested in instruments as a kid.

Music can significantly impact children by fostering cognitive development, enhancing emotional expression, and promoting social skills.

Exposure to a diverse range of musical experiences during early years can contribute to well-rounded and enriched childhood development. Ibrahim often caught himself amused at how each instrument resounds unique sound. "As a kid, I used to write poems, and that later evolved into writing lyrics," Sharara recalls. "The first time I ever recorded an original, was quite a personal song that talked about my father," he shares.

After years dedicated to writing and recording, Ibrahim embarked on a journey of self-discovery, taking a 3-4 year hiatus from music. This period was pivotal as he sought to unearth his distinctive voice, refine his style, and create a truly unique sound. Finally, after such a long break Sharara released the first song called 'My Habibi' and got his first 100k+ views on YouTube. "'My Habibi' resulted in numbers I had never seen before in my music and that was the biggest motivation I could give myself to keep making and releasing music," he delightedly shares. "Right now, I have a song in particular that has a million plus views on YouTube and more than five thousand streams on Anghami!" To those living under a rock, YouTube views hold immense importance for musical artists, serving as a crucial metric that not only reflects their reach and popularity but also plays a role in establishing their presence in the competitive music industry.

Sharara's latest release 'HIYA', meaning "her" in Arabic is a groundbreaking fusion. The marriage of Afro-pop and Oriental music created a dynamic and culturally rich musical genre, blending rhythmic vibrancy from Africa with the enchanting melodies of the East, offering listeners a transcendent experience that bridges continents and captivates diverse musical palettes.

"As someone who has always been a fan of Afro music, I had to include it in this song."

The song exudes cool, positive energy and resonates with vibrant romantic vibes.

Believing in the therapeutic impact of writing and sounds, Sharara recognize their crucial role in promoting mental health by offering a cathartic outlet for emotions and a soothing influence on overall well-being. "Creating music that someone, somewhere in life" can connect to, is one of the most extraordinary gifts, according to him. "One person who can relate is already something that lifts an artist. I now create positive, energetic, and love songs, and thankfully I built a fanbase on that," he says. "I hope whoever listens to my music feels positive and happy."

Life has those incidents that has a transformative power to reshape one's perspective, acting as a catalyst for profound personal growth and a shift in worldview. To Sharara, "there are way too many incidents" he can convey. "But that would mean I'd need days haha!" he laughs. The thought of never taking life for granted dawned on him. "The loss of someone who I grew up with, who is a brother, a best friend. That loss made me open my eyes to what more life has to offer," he opens up. "If you have a chance to do a positive thing or make someone happy in your daily life, please don't postpone it or give excuses to yourself. Do it," he passionately urges. Returning to the music topic, Sharara emphasizes infusing a positive and joyful vibe into my compositions.

"I hope my music can change someone's mood for the better."

Everyone has their methodology in music production. For him, "it all starts with an "ideation of the song" preceded by creating and finding a mix of sounds that would bring that idea to life. "Breakdown of the sections of the song. composing lyrics, recording, mixing, and mastering," he adds.

Is there a means to figure out if a song is done? "In my opinion, a song can never be "done."" (Emphasis his). The process of completing a song can be elusive, as the artist constantly discovers nuances to add or tweaks to make, rendering the creative journey an ongoing and meticulous endeavor. "Once my music production process is done, and I feel like the song is ready at that specific time, I play it to family and close friends to get opinions and feedback, and decide if any change is needed or if it's ready to be released," he concludes.

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December 5, 2023

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