Mat1ne emerges like the plot twist in an M. Night Shyamalan movie: unexpected, brilliant, and leaving audiences absolutely stunned

It's a quiet, introspective evening when a pulsating beat begins to emanate from the speakers.

That rhythm, seductive and engaging, isn't just another track on the radio. It's the auditory equivalent of diving into an intricate puzzle, where every piece, whether it's a snippet of Tech House or a sprinkle of Techno, seamlessly clicks into place.

Mat1ne at the Color Festival. Photo supplied.

Mat1ne, the man behind the music, a producer whose creations are akin to a well-made cocktail: varied, unexpected, and always refreshing.

"I think it's the blend of various influences that makes my style stand out,"

Mat1ne claims with the kind of pride you'd expect from someone who's just cracked the code of the Matrix.

Now, I'm not saying Mat1ne is the "WandaVision" of the music world, but just like the show that deftly blurred genre lines, he doesn't confine himself to one musical box. He draws from a palette bursting with varied influences, masterfully concocting tunes that can lure the subterranean aficionados and the mainstream mavericks in equal measure.

His creation process is a vision board straight out of a dreamer's manual. Picture him, lost in a reverie, where he's dropping beats at Tomorrowland, or firing up the decks at the Ultra Music Festival. "You see, I want my music to be an experience, a shared memory between me and every individual in that massive crowd," he says.

Dive into the Mat1ne brand, and things get even more intriguing. Why the mask, you ask? Well, with every beat and every spin, the mask symbolizes his commitment to pushing boundaries, an ethos represented by the acronym BLL: "Beyond the Last Layer". In essence, it's Mat1ne's invitation to leave the mundane at the door, to dance and dream in a realm where creativity knows no limits. It's about being the Batman of electronic music – mysterious, impactful, and de facto brilliant.

When it comes to life's bumps on the dance floor of destiny, Mat1ne doesn't shy away. "I want to tell you that due to my circumstances, I couldn't continue my music activities in Iran," he shares, referencing the time he had to step away from his craft in Iran. But as they say, you can't keep a good DJ down. After a brief interlude in Istanbul, the bass dropped back into his life, rejuvenating his soul, ergo bringing Mat1ne back to his spiritual home: the music.

Now, let's chat about Yumsong Records. Think of it as the Hogwarts for emerging electronic music artists. Founded by Mat1ne and a medley of music maestros, Yumsong is not just a record label; it's a launchpad. "We're in the business of spotlighting the avant-garde, the sound trailblazers of tomorrow," he comments.

Mat1ne's story isn't just about beats, mixes, and turntables. It's the tale of a young Iranian prodigy, who at the tender age of 8 years old, was already enamored with the underground scene. Fast forward a decade, and he's not only leaving imprints on the world's music stage but also in the hearts of his fans.

As our conversation winds down, Mat1ne, ever the gracious guest, drops one last beat of gratitude,

"Thank you for having me. It's been a pleasure sharing my story with you," he concludes.

And with that, the maestro drops the mic, leaving behind a promise to reverberate for years to come.

HOMEGROWN is musivv’s segment dedicated to featuring UAE-based artists. Features under this segment are eligible for a nomination under this category in the Musivv Awards’ annual recognition.

October 9, 2023

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