Diego Bolivar, or Kio DJ, is a multifaceted artist whose talent, passion, and transformative experiences have shaped him into the dynamic entertainer he is today.

But what shapes a person to become the person he or she is? Diego shares his experience with Musivv.

The incident that veritably altered his worldview and imparted an enduring influence upon the individual he presently embody was an unsettling confrontation with an assemblage of inebriatedly drunk individuals. "At that time, I was involved in a TV show where I portrayed a character who was part of a group of antagonists," he recalls.

Upon one fateful eve, this intoxicated men erroneously identified Diego and his friend as the personifications of the fictional personas they portrayed on the aforementioned television show. In their state of intemperance, and brazen confrontation, exuding animosity, laboring under the misguided belief that they genuinely embodied the nefarious beings from the production. Hastily, the situation spiraled out of control, thrusting them into the perilous throes of a palpable threat.

This harrowing episode instilled within Diego a resolute comprehension of the profound sway media and entertainment can wield over the perceptions and conduct of the masses. It accentuated the precarious dichotomy between fabrication and actuality, while laying bare the potential ramifications stemming from misconceptions or misinterpretations.

The weighty impact of this ordeal remained indelibly etched in his psyche, prompting profound introspection concerning the onus borne by those operating within the entertainment industry. "It made me acutely aware of the power of storytelling and the importance of portraying characters responsibly and ethically."

"This life-threatening encounter changed my perspective on life, emphasizing the importance of empathy, understanding, and clear communication," he adds.

Fast forward to today, Kio DJ enjoys a life of musical journey blessed with highlights he only dreamed of. In the past seven years, Dubai has become his second home, actively engaged in the music scene, collaborating with local artists and performing at prestigious venues like the Playboy mansion. "I take pride in being recognized as Karol G's first DJ." During his residency at the renowned Cavalli Club, he refined his skills and entertained diverse audiences. "I also had the honor of being the first Colombian DJ to perform in Saudi Arabia," he shares.

Currently, Kio DJ is excited to be working on a new music album that combines Afro Latin house rhythms having already released two captivating songs: "Cielo di Dubai," inspired by Dubai's skyline, and "Puerto Colombia," a celebration of Colombian musical heritage. These tracks showcase his passion for blending diverse influences and creating unique soundscapes. The album promises to offer an immersive and energetic experience, embracing the fusion of Afro Latin house.

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May 24, 2023

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