Lina Lava and Sammyoung joins musical forces to release Afrobeat/ballad single "Forever"

The vivacious notes of Lina Lava, formerly known as Elena Drozdova, compose a tale as diverse as the cities she's graced with her musical presence.

Originating from the lively city of Dnipro in Ukraine, Lina's harmonious journey ignited at a mere five years old, sparked by the magical wand (or perhaps pitchfork) of her initial vocal maestro.

In  2019, Lina Lava finds herself not just belting out notes but creating her opus, jet-setting across nations and serenading the world's glitterati in the swankiest locales. From 5-star hotels to the classiest joints on the map, Lina Lava left no musical stone unturned. Residing in the regal lands of Abu Dhabi, Lina took her journey to the next level in 2022 by participating in the Abu Dhabi TV show "Win the Crowd." Because winning the hearts of the crowd is so yesterday; Lina prefers a challenge. Her debut single, "Peace Song," dropped amidst geopolitical unrest in Ukraine, proving that music isn't just notes but a powerful resonance echoing the world's cacophony.

Venturing further into the music stratosphere, Lina graced 2023 with "Adventure," a Dubai-inspired composition that unfolds a saga of love and betrayal. Life, according to Lina, is akin to an amusement park ride - filled with twists, turns, and the occasional emotional rollercoaster.

"Universe," another gem from her repertoire, delves into the cosmos of love, suggesting that finding a soulmate is akin to discovering your gravitational pull in the universe. No small feat, mind you.

But Lina isn't just about melodies; she's a musical polyglot. The siren of Ukraine decided to spice things up with afro-beat, teaming up with the illustrious Sammyoung for "Forever." Because, let's face it, why settle for one genre when you can have a musical buffet? "Working with Sammyoung is so interesting, fun, and creative," she shares in an exclusive interview with Musivv. "He is always full of amazing ideas!" she adds.

As Lina conquers airwaves, she's graced the studios of Dubai Eye103.8, sharing her musical exploits with DJ Mark. And, because TV appearances are just the icing on the musical cake, she's set to dazzle Dubai One TV with insights into the forthcoming music video for "Forever."

"Forever" isn't just a song; it's a lyrical expedition into the intricate topic of love – the kind that makes you want to build a fort with your partner and hibernate for eternity. The title itself, "Forever," whispers sweet promises of everlasting love, like a Shakespearean sonnet set to an infectious beat.

Now, let's talk about the maestro behind the musical alchemy – none other than Sammyoung and his Sweet Rhythms Studio. It's more than just a production; it's a finely crafted symphony, a concoction of beats that could make even the most rhythmically challenged break into a spontaneous dance.

"I always wanted to do a collaboration and to go out of my comfort zone and try something new," she says.

Lina and Sammy, the dynamic duo, engage in an intense beat-selection ritual. It's like choosing the perfect wine, only the beverage of choice is the rhythm that will make the world groove. Once they locked in on that magical beat, the creative floodgates burst open.

Their collaboration was a linguistic tango. Lina's part, a lyrical odyssey in English, danced in harmony with Sammy's African linguistic prowess, creating a sound so catchy it's practically a musical earworm. The two practically became language linguists, deciphering the notes of English and the rhythms of Africa, a harmonious blend that became the heartbeat of "Forever."

Their creative haven wasn't a serene lake; it was a tempest of ideas and musical fervor. Daily rendezvous, endless discussions, and a constant reshuffling of creative cards – all in pursuit of that elusive perfect sound. They were like mad scientists, but instead of potions, we were concocting the melody that would serenade the world.

"As a singer-songwriter, I've always fancied a journey beyond the familiar, a leap into uncharted musical territories."

Enter Afrobeat – a genre so infectious it should come with a health warning. Collaborating with Sammyoung was more than stepping out of Lina's comfort zone; it was a celestial leap into unexplored realms. Why afrobeat, you ask? Well, besides the fact that it's the musical flavor of the moment, "I genuinely dig it," Lina shares excitedly.

Working with Sammyoung was more than a professional rendezvous; it was like finding a long-lost musical soulmate. Sammy, a virtuoso artist and producer in the African musical cosmos, turned out to be the missing piece in her music puzzle. Now, the two are not just collaborators; we're practically a musical family, plotting and scheming for more music escapades.

So, whether you're sipping chai in Abu Dhabi or riding camels in Dubai, keep an ear out for the enchanting melodies of Lina Lava – the musical sensation who's turning notes into a global hit.

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November 13, 2023

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