Influential Palestinian artist, releases "Fish Masari" to explore the tension between art and capitalism in occupied Palestine, drawing from traditional Arabic sounds, and emphasizing the importance of financial independence, all while championing the growth of an independent Palestinian music industry.

A beacon of hope and source of inspiration for young Palestinians, Lina Makoul uses her international profile to address social and political issues close to her heart.

The new single 'Fish Masari' is a case in point, an impactful track that sees Makoul exploring the irony of the creative scene in occupied Palestine.

Written and produced by Makoul and Nasir AlBashir, 'Fish Masari' delves into the paradoxical relationship between art and capitalism. A thought-provoking wake-up call, it explores how art nourishes the hearts and minds of countless individuals while failing to sustain its creators, with Makoul's sharp observations and pithy lyrics matching the track's potent physicality.

'Fish Masari' is steeped in Arabic musical traditions – from Middle Eastern instrumentation to the heavy percussive sounds that detail the grooves and clever samples from a traditional Palestinian wedding song, usually sang at Tal'et Al A'aroos – when the groom's side come and take the bride from her parents' house. The big, freewheeling drums are raw and the bass booms with plenty of contemporary weight as Makoul's vocal acrobatics effortlessly traverse from quiet whispers to impassioned cries via tightly packed raps. Vibrant melodies burst out to continually electrify the track and ensure it has maximum impact, as Makoul drives home the message that the financial independence of any society should be front and centre, ending the fiery song by imploring people to "Get up, rise".

Determined to shape her own destiny, Makoul broke away from her label and managers to emerge as an independent artist with full creative freedom. The bold move is serving her well; Previous tracks 'Ll Abad' and '3 Sneen' have racked up (number here) and (number here) streams respectively.

Passionate about her homeland, the Palestinian singer-songwriter, producer and the producer of her videos taps into her experiences growing up in challenging surroundings to inform her music. 'Shway Shway', for example – considered one of her most important works to date – highlights the brainwashing used against Palestinians under occupation. And in the past, she has proudly uplifted Arab women by using lyrics they sent her via social media for her 10-track acoustic album '#YOM Project'.

As a figurehead for young creatives from the Arab world, Makoul could not be more important. While her work has won her support from Hollywood's Will Smith, No.1 spots on iTunes, plays on MTV all over Europe and performances alongside pop-rock icons Queen, the pioneering artist is making a real impact back home. As well as promoting local creatives by insisting her music videos are shot in Palestine with a full Palestinian crew, she's driving the Palestinian music scene forward to develop into an actual independent industry.

The new single 'Fish Masari' is another cultural bridge, giving the people of the world a vital insight into life inside Palestine, but moreover it's a rallying call for artists in Palestine to ascend to greater independent heights.

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September 1, 2023

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