A melancholic tune about how burning out takes its heartbreaking toll in a relationship

After almost two years of hiatus, singer-songwriter Shébani (winner of The musivv Awards: In-Tune Artist of the Year) returns to the limelight with a captivating new single, ‘Burn Me Out.’ According to the Dubai-raised Iraqi songstress, the single is a metaphor for a repetitive cycle. "The emotional trauma, gaslighting and trust issues collected from one relationship and brought into the next. You know it’ll be different, but there’s still a tug of war taking place inside your mind; hoping for your new love to not see your pain as “crazy”, but in fact, help you heal and understand that you’ve been hurt. Often, we are stuck in between healing/succumbing, but ‘Burn Me Out’ emphasizes we should always choose to heal," said Shébani.

Shebani photographed by @veejaybuenaventura

"Often, we are stuck in between healing/succumbing, but ‘Burn Me Out’ emphasizes we should always choose to heal."

As two-way an ideal relationship between a couple should be, negative emotions may tend to take their toll when the emotional roadblocks become overwhelming. Shébani took these emotions to concoct a silky-smooth dreamy ode to the insecure but admits there were parts in the song where she felt representing others. "The topic of this song is widely universal, and pretty much anyone that heard it was able to relate to it. We all get stuck in a vicious cycle when it comes to our personal relationships."

Burn Me Out official artwork. Photography by Waleed Shah.

There's no denying Shébani never lost tangent in songwriting specially one that would translate her emotions and potentially leave a mark in her musical career. She believes the most mesmerizing part of writing the song is writing the lyrics. "It just poured out of me very quickly, and it was something that I urgently needed to express." Equally, watching the song grow and transform into the sonic beauty it is today tickles her sense of fascination. "I was very close to not including it in my upcoming project, but I gave it a real shot and it's now one of my favorite tracks! James Chatburn (the producer) is a genius!"

Voting member of The Recording Academy (Grammy), Charles Devon has this to say. "'Burn Me Out' is a very solid track. I hear so much potential in the voice and creativity. The sound is unique and creative that we do not hear a lot of today. I think there is a lane for Shébani and her voice. So many gems vocally; I hear the ingenuity in the writing and vocal arrangement. Overall, I am very impressed with the direction and see a lot of potentials musically."

Award-winning Nashville producer Katie Cole echoes the same sentiments. "Melody is great. And really lovely vocals. But this is a well executed melody."

'Burn Me Out' will be available on all streaming platforms tomorrow February 4, 2022.

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February 1, 2022

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