From medical charts to musical charts, and never looking back. Yamane shares life stories, the "'90s Kid" song and more.

It's a time travel feel music video — a blast from the past.

Growing up, Yamane was deeply anchored to her childhood memories and the culture that surrounded her. This set the tone for a stunning music video. "I think at some level I wasn’t able to keep up with the constant wave of novelty, whether it was in music, fashion, entertainment, or whatever," she says. This sense of feeling a tad "vintage" often left her grappling to pinpoint her unique sound. Embracing this nostalgia, Yamane realized she wasn't alone in this sentiment. Thus, "90’s Kid" was birthed: a tribute to the distinct '90s vibe, revamped for our Gen Z mates. When conceptualizing the music video with director Elie Fahed, they crafted a narrative that playfully pitted millennials against Gen Z. Donning an old-school TV, symbolizing the bygone '90s era, she gets "abducted" by a Gen-Z crew, curious about her time-warped presence. Through the video, she gets to showcase the iconic '90s elements in a light-hearted manner. Elie encouraged her playful antics on set, leading to many bouts of uncontrollable laughter.

"It’s an experience I’ll never forget!" she exclaims.

Hailing from Lebanon, and now jamming in Dubai since 2021, Yamane's life's score was written in notes before words. With her mom and sisters belting out tunes as professional singers, her cradle was pretty much a backstage pass! "I would say I’ve had an interest in Western music for as long as I can remember." At 5, she was crooning and working the violin. By 12, she was tickling the ivories, and at 15, strumming the guitar strings. Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston's CDs spun endlessly in their house — those were her lullabies. Yamane took a detour, diving into Medicine for a four-year stint. But let's be real; while medicine can heal the body, music revives the soul. So, in 2018, she grabbed her musical destiny with both hands.

Switching careers? Heck, that wasn't just a change of job for the starlet; it was about chasing a dream, rooted deep in her childhood. Stethoscopes took precedence over microphones. Dubai became the stage for her next act, a land bubbling with musical promise and endless groovy gigs. As Dave Grohl would say, "No one is you, and that is your power." And man, has she been rocking that power! "My move to Dubai subsequently came to fulfill that purpose," she believes.

“I couldn’t see myself doing anything other than music for a living."

Jumping into "The Voice" wasn't her musical debut, but it was like diving headfirst into the rock 'n' roll circus. Every day, there were millions of eyes on her, and the grind from sunset to sunrise was like playing an endless encore. It's not just about the spotlight and the stage; it's the behind-the-scenes chaos, the wires, the whispers, the adrenaline.

Rubbing shoulders with the titans of the industry, diving into the deep end of showbiz — that's a ride one can't get just anywhere. "I don’t think I would’ve been able to get this kind of experience anywhere else!" Think of "The Voice" as a music boot camp, schooling Yamane in the art of holding an audience, belting it out on stage, and nailing every note, even when the heat's turned up to 11.

"I don’t think I would’ve been able to get this kind of experience anywhere else!"

But peel away the music, and Yamane’s a storyteller. Her melodies are drenched in tales of forced migration. "The amazing thing about music is that you can talk about all the other matters you hold close to your heart." Music's not just a soulful riff or a catchy chorus; it's a voice, a loudspeaker for things that shake your core. It's melody often harmonizes with the tales of those forced to leave their homes, chasing a dream or just seeking a sliver of hope. It's a heartache that resonates, a ballad of looking for better horizons while missing the familiar skyline. "I find it very frustrating, having to leave your loved ones to pursue your dreams, and writing about it has been a consolation for me more times than I can count."

Mental health and music? For many, they’re intertwined. For Yamane, one complements the other. It’s a symphony where her well-being and creative juices strike a harmonious chord. The euphoria of creating and the therapeutic relief it brings play a pivotal role in her life. For her, music isn't just about sound; it's therapy, a remedy to heal the artist and the listener.
And when asked about her magnum opus? Her eyes glint with mischief, "That’s a really tough one!" Sure, 'The Voice' might have given her that rocket launch, but her real crowning jewel? The audacious leap from the clinical corridors of med school to the vibrant alleys of music. A decision so Yamane-esque. But keep those binoculars handy; this songbird's horizon has bigger milestones in sight. "Ask me that question again in a year and I’m hoping I’ll have a better answer!" We'll hold you to that statement, Yamane! Lebanese by origin, songbird by destiny, her musical voyage reads like a riff that has both high crescendos and grounding notes.

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September 22, 2023

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