5 misfits Triton howls with debut single 'Where The Wolf Lies'
Meet Triton, a metal band of 5 misfits held together by their love for hearing damage.

Founded in 2020 by lead guitarist Dion Greenwood, and bassist Hijazi ‘Jazzy’ Zaiton, Triton is howling loud in the local metal scene.

Triton's 'Where The Wolf Lies' artwork cover.

Vocalist and frontman Nathan ‘Nate’ Pravin, rhythm guitarist Tomislav ‘Tomi’ Vanevski, and drummer Drona Antony fortify the band's round-up. "We’ve been making a name for ourselves for well over two years now and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon," says Dion. Their debut single 'Where The Wolf Lies' is a fast-paced emotional heavy-hitter that they claim "neighbors will enjoy listening to" while bricks fly "through your window."

Self-produced by Jazzy, Dion and Tomi, mixed by Dion, and mastered by a close friend and music prodigy Ahmad Al Haliss of Callous Minds. This song has been a regular in Triton's performance line-ups and was written well before Triton's formation and brought to completion by Jazzy and former rhythm guitarist Kayla Jeffrey.

"Like most of our songs, Wolf started with the intro riff, inspired by AC/DC & Metallica’s early albums, and went through several different iterations and a key change before finally deciding on a topic that both fit the vibe of the song and left enough room for outside interpretation," adds Jazzy.

At the peak of its fruition, Triton considered the song a "sort-of bridge between the regulars and the headbangers” and so far the pitch has not failed just yet. In terms of Triton’s future, the 5-piece band firmly believes that 'Wolf' is only the beginning and a glimpse of what they have to offer within their sonic range. Now that the self-proclaimed misfits have gotten the train running, the railways only lead to one place: "Songs that don’t stop hitting."

Photo Credits: The Fridge

April 10, 2023

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