Get ready to be transported on a musical journey that’s as whimsical as it is thought provoking with vibrant melodies, rich instrumentation, and powerful lyrics as London-based Egyptian artist, Layal is setting the tone for the summer and taking us to her own complex, emotional & quirky world with her debut EP ‘Lost In Translation’. Featuring four tracks, each with its own unique style and genre, this EP takes listeners on a sonic adventure that seamlessly blends together elements of neo-soul, garage/drum & bass. From the introspective and soulful opener, to the energetic and upbeat Afro-pop track, Layal effortlessly blends diverse rhythms and sounds to create a rich and eclectic listening experience.

Lost In Translation is another testament to the diversity Layal brings to her music, mixing between genres, language and culture. Beyond the catchy rhythms and infectious beats, this EP delves into deeper themes. With a refreshing candor, the songs touch on important issues like mental health and feeling burnt out while also celebrating the small and big wins & feeling proud. Through honest and raw lyricism the EP encourages listeners to break the norm and share their true feelings without shame while shimmying their worries away. Add to that an instrumentation that incorporates elements of traditional Egyptian music alongside modern electronic production, this EP offers a fresh and innovative sound that is sure to captivate audiences both in Egypt and beyond.

‘Lost In Translation’ is my gift to my listeners for the summer. It shows a more vulnerable side to me, it shows my growth, musically. Each song is a different mood of mine & I’m embracing all of them because they make me me. I’m making space for myself in the music industry slowly and this is my first step to it. I put myself and my feelings out there hoping that it can start conversations about how multifaceted & unique we are and hoping to normalise feeling down or low & talking about our feelings more while also celebrating our wins. Whatever hardship I have been going through I wanted this EP to be nothing but the opposite of that, I wanted it to be refreshing and joyful’

May 12, 2023

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