How Dubai-Amsterdam-based duo beat the odds to release latest single 'Moonman'
The duo's long-standing friendship and passion for music started a new journey

Monkeys & Tigers resulted from a strong passion for music despite COVID19 which first hit their rehearsal studio 'Cave' in Barsha.

The 'headquarters' eventually close down forcing the cover-band members to leave UAE for home countries in Mexico and Georgia. Finally, the two founding members of Monkeys & Tigers had to separate geographically. One remained in Dubai and the other in Amsterdam. However, with the duo's long-standing friendship and passion for music, a new journey started—writing and recording originals.

Cover artwork for 'Moonman'

What's the story behind the band name?
Our Chinese spirit animals are a reflection of our love for animals and curiosity in Eastern cultures.

What's the story about your latest single?
This is a two-track single, 'Moonman' musically hints at the direction we are heading, melodic, modern but heavy. Guitars and synthesizers. Whereas Pasta is a reference to our calmer, animal lovers, soft-rocker heritage, which we will retain. Perhaps a good comparison is that we love Jack White's sounds, but also I am a big fan of Mac DeMarco, quite a different type but I admire both a lot. Future releases will continue to contain both sounds, with 'Moonman's' heavy and modern voices taking the lead.

What is the message you want your listeners to get out of the song?
'Moonman' is a dialog with the universe by a man who feels (at that time of his life) lost and the song suggests calmness, and simplicity.

What part of the song process did you enjoy the most?
Ah good one, certainly production. Writing and taking tracks that go well with the song comes relatively easy. The part then selecting, dropping tracks and mixing them is the most fun, production takes time but is a lot of fun.  

What's the biggest dream as a band
OK, a short-term objective rather than a dream (we have a lot of material at work) is to continue recording, producing and releasing; we are looking forward to a recording session in a couple of months in Amsterdam. A dream probably then for us is, as we are apart, to be able to get together to perform, play to people and grow our fan base.

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April 18, 2022

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