Introducing the French-Indian singer SIMRAN and her sizzling new single 'On Fire'
SIMRAN, a young French-Indian singer, debuts with her new single, On Fire.

With a unique blend of her dual cultural identity, SIMRAN artistically weaves music and art to share her experiences, empower herself, and express herself most authentically.

SIMRAN's musical inspiration is influenced by a wide range of genres, including Western and Indian classical music, R&B, and alternative pop. Her extensive training as a classical musician in violin, piano, and saxophone elevates her musical production and sets her apart from other emerging artists.

The single 'On Fire,' written and composed by SIMRAN herself, delves into the topic of passionate love and heartbreaks. What makes this song stand out is the innovative blend of English and French lyrics, as well as the incorporation of classical Indian instrumentation. This unique combination of contemporary and traditional sounds creates a timeless feeling that is sure to be a hallmark of her future music.

In an interview with SIMRAN, she reveals that the single 'On Fire' is a deeply personal song, drawn from her own experiences of love and heartbreak. The fire metaphor used in the song represents the burning passion and pain that she went through, which is reflected in the vivid colours of the visuals.

However, the single 'On Fire' is not just about heartbreak; it's also about acceptance and empowerment. It's a powerful message that SIMRAN hopes will resonate with her listeners and inspire them to overcome their own struggles.
When asked about her decision to finally release a song, SIMRAN explains that her music is a reflection of who she is, and she always wanted to showcase her dual culture - French & Indian. The single 'On Fire' blends English, French and has Indian classical instrumentation, which is a hallmark of her music to come. It's a clear example of mixing life experience and cultural identity.

SIMRAN's debut single 'On Fire' is a testament to her unique blend of culture, musical inspiration, and personal experience. As an emerging artist, she shows great potential in creating timeless music that resonates with audiences and leaves a lasting impression.

'On Fire' is finally out on all music downloads and streaming platforms worldwide.

May 12, 2023

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