Jazmin Crumley leads Snap & Boom's 3-day vocal retreat 'Lights, Mic, Action'
A 3-day vocal retreat in Dubai from September 1 - 3 2023

Snap & Boom presents 'Lights, Mic, Action' – a 3-day vocal retreat taking place in Dubai from 1st til 3rd September 2023.

Snap & Boom collaborates with founder of The Outlet for Vocal Expression, Celebrity Voice Coach and Professional Supporting Vocalist, Jazmin Crumley to deliver an interactive retreat designed for all vocal performing artists based in the UAE. Participants will have the opportunity to learn game-changing vocal hacks, including vocal techniques, breath control, performance skills, and artistic expression for the stage. Participants are invited to unlock their vocal potential through a variety of in-person interactive exercises and immersive sessions. The intimate retreat provides a safe space for growth and personal development, as well as the tools to unlock emotional wellbeing through the medium of singing. International artist development agency Snap & Boom works with local music communities across the UAE to empower and amplify artists from underrepresented groups.

Led by founder Tiéce Edwards, a respected music industry professional with years of experience,Snap & Boom is on a mission to build sustainable careers for talented artists in the UAE and beyond. Jazmin Crumley, who recently fulfilled the role as Vocal Director for the Black Music Honors awards in the US and completed touring with Musiq Soulchild, is excited to bring her expertise and passion for music to the UAE. She believes that this retreat will be a life-changing experience for artists, igniting their passion and fueling their pursuit of success in the music industry. Jazmin adds:

It’s truly an honour to share what I’ve been blessed to do for so many years and in a placeI’ve wanted to explore for quite some time. I am so excited to share my passion for music, singing and people, as well as my knowledge gathered from over 13 years in the music industry. My hope is that this experience becomes the beginning of life long connections and a life-changing step toward some artist’s success or the igniting of a fire in their passion and pursuit of a journey that brings them joy! I want each person that attends this retreat to leave knowing they can use their gifts to change the world. Anything they believe in and desire is possible with the right work and commitment.

Founder, Tiéce Edwards, shares her excitement about the upcoming retreat, saying, "After months of planning, I am thrilled to officially announce the vocal retreat in Dubai. Jazmin is an incredibly talented vocalist with over a decade of professional experience in the music industry and I can’t wait for Snap and Boom’s UAE based community to experience thisunique and carefully crafted three-day retreat. I’m very confident that this will be a vibrant journey of discovery, creativity and growth for all participants, and will open many doors of exciting opportunities for them.”

For more information and to sign up visit https://snapandboom.com/sing23/.

July 20, 2023

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