Jindi resounds a message of peace in reggae/world track 'One Love Sudan'
Introducing "One Love Sudan" - a powerful message of peace amidst ongoing conflict.

"One Love Sudan": A Reggae/World Track Spreading a Message of Peace and Resilience

This track showcases the resilience of the Sudanese people, reminding the world that no matter the challenges, they will always thrive and rise against all odds. Join us in spreading this message of hope and unity. Stream "One Love Sudan".

This project holds great significance for Jindi, as it is dedicated to his homeland, Sudan & its people.

"One Love Sudan," a remarkable reggae/world track recorded in Nigeria & written in Dubai, is dedicated to showcasing the resilience of the Sudanese people in light of the current situation.

"My hope is that, upon listening to the song, listeners take away an understanding of the Sudanese people's enduring spirit and the rich heritage of Sudan."

It's important to recognize the Sudanese qualities of kindness, dignity, and generosity. The central message revolves around peace, love, freedom, and justice, encompassing all of Sudan, from its eastern to western regions, and from the north to the south.

Written by Jindi, a talented Sudanese artist, Vstixx who's a Nigerien songwriter & producer, and Hamdan Al Abri, a renowned singer/songwriter from the UAE, "One Love Sudan" carries an uplifting message of peace and unity. Produced by Vstixx and Midijoe who worked with Jindi on several tracks including the 2020 smash "Midnight Love" featuring the Zimdancehall legend MC Smylie, this captivating collaboration combines reggae and world music influences, creating a unique and powerful sound.

With Jindi's powerful vocals leading the way, "One Love Sudan" aims to inspire listeners with its infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics. The song serves as a tribute to the Sudanese jindi, symbolizing their strength and determination in the face of adversity.

If Jindi could choose one line from the song to leave a lasting impression on the listeners, it would be, 'My people want to live in peace, خلونا ياخ بس نعيش,' which translates to 'My people desire peace above all else, let’s just live”. This line underscores the Sudanese people's enduring determination and mission as they have persistently opposed injustice over centuries. It reaffirms their core message, emphasizing the unwavering will and purpose of the Sudanese people.

"One Love Sudan" was released on October 13th, bringing its message of resilience and unity to audiences worldwide. This powerful track is a testament to the universal power of music and the ability to unite people in times of struggle.

October 30, 2023

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