What was the intention behind the track "Lately"?

So Jesh Music sent TEX around 5-6 instrumentals, each of them was very unique. However, this specific one stood out to TEX because of the atmosphere it created - it was very vibey with a touch of energy and happiness. You would hear the instrumental and it would make you want to move. TEX thought it'd be nice to add a hint of romance to the song. So Jesh Music and TEX ended up going for a fusion of hip/hop and R&B, which is something he has been doing a lot in 'Lately'.

Lyrically, it's talking about being interested in someone who you feel wants to live a similar lifestyle. Suppose We make big plans - like going to Miami for trips, dining in luxury restaurants, and creating a romantic setting similar to that of movies. At the same time, however, we're respecting each other's pace in the relationship. This song is more playful, giving references to Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani's Naina and Bunny, and characters from Friends, Joey, Monica, and Chandler. The deeper meaning behind this song is to actually show what a nice relationship would be like, instead of what we hear in most songs these days, being disrespectful towards their partner and quite condescending.

How long did Jesh Music and TEX work together on "Lately"?

Jesh Music and TEX didn't take too long to make this together! Less than a week. Jesh Music approached with some instrumentals to pick from and TEX wrote the lyrics in a day, recorded the next day, and sent the vocals the day after. Jesh Music did his magic on the song and they ended up with this clean and vibey song that everyone had on repeat since its release!

Can we expect more songs like Lately with Jesh Music and TEX, and should we expect a music video from them?

We absolutely can expect more songs. They both are such talented artists and have been good friends. They have been in touch and brainstorming ideas, talking about life, and more for about 2 years. Jesh creates his music in a very unique manner - which everyone likes. It's relatable but different at the same time. TEX like experimenting with his sound and Jesh is someone he feels that he can do this with.

What is the one message we would like to forward to fans about Jesh's music?

As we said earlier, Jesh Music is talented. As far as we know, he picks unique sounds from random places and incorporates them into the music, creating a really special sound. Not only that, he's a big thinker and has the ability and support to execute them. Jesh Music is not someone to miss - follow his journey and you'll be surprised how inspired you'll be just by watching him grow.

Do TEX and Jesh Music have any more collaboration plans?

For sure, we feel like TEX has found his base voice, but still exploring different themes and fusions, which Jesh Music also likes to do. This is only the beginning, isn't it? Both have more things planned and we are really excited to show you all what's next.

March 30, 2022

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