Layal Starts The Year On A High Note With 'Madina"
Layal’s alluring first single of the year, ‘Madina’ is a mesmerizing experience.

Starting the year on a high note, Layal’s first single of the year, ‘Madina’ is a mesmerizing experience.

‘Madina’ masterfully blends Arabic & English lyrics to create a spellbinding sound that is both enchanting & mystical. The music is rich & evocative with hypnotic rhythms and intricate melodies.

Layal’s use of both Arabic & English in the lyrics adds an extra layer of depth & complexity to the song, it serves to break down cultural barriers & bring people together through the universal language of music.

The vocals are powerful and emotive, perfectly capturing the essence of the song and adding to the overall riveting effect. Layal’s unique approach creates a sound that is both familiar and new, making it impossible not to be captivated by the spell she has cast.

The music has both a nostalgic & progressive sound, which comes as no surprise as Layal is always aiming to merge different worlds together. With alluring harmonies & compelling sitar & bassline that encapsulates you in this mystique journey of self-belief.

This song is for my loved ones and anyone who has experienced the feeling of burn out, recovering from the obstacles that have been thrown our way. I see potential in so many people around me & big dreams to achieve which constantly have to be put on pause when reality hits. That’s why I wanted the song to sort of remind people of the bigger picture and to encourage them to continue discovering their path’

Layal's 'Madina' Artwork by Carlotta.

February 1, 2023

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