Lisa Goldin releases her heart's desires that were long 'Kept In A Locket'
Straight from the heart of the singer-songwriter, Lisa Goldin takes us through what transpired around her latest song.

Relationships are all about give-and-take.

When it’s balanced and you find someone special you click with, that’s the ‘aaah-factor’, albeit a friend or partner. Until you do though, your heart may have some trouble working it out, "finding your way”. It’s a li'l love tug-of-war on your heartstrings. But you will get through it, and the next one may just be your person and you theirs. When a friend of mine gave me a locket in a time that was heartbreaking, I wore it everywhere. The locket is symbolic of how my friend put her arms around me saying, "You're going to be okay". The same way a locket holds your most precious people. Isn’t it just sooo special when people impact real differences in making each other's lives brighter?! This single moment created a starting point of the narrative, a powerful visual of give and take until it hits the mark, which became the lyrics that I literally had the melody line in my head for, as soon as I said the words; "Take what you want, say what you need, leave the other soul there to bleed…until somebody steals your heart of gold, kept in a locket, like arms that hold." It’s almost like it’s spoken, and with the music that marries the same motion. It just flowed naturally, so I wrote this one pretty quickly and then fine-tuned it before hitting the studio this year. So…that is the amazing 2013 birth of “Kept In A Locket”, now out in the big world to share lots of love. Specially dedicated to my tribe, I love your gentle, loving hearts! PS: Squishy hugs are everything!

A part of the creative process I enjoyed the most.

A lyric can springboard naturally into a melody line. As well as taking an acoustic version into production with Stoyan Stoyan of VST Studios, that journey of the song coming to life is magical.

We are all trying to find our way in life.

Sometimes we’re on the wrong track but with an incredible circle of wholesome people around you, I really believe you can become your best self and accomplish anything.

My favorite part of the song?

The string section and breakdown of vocals in the bridge. It was the initial idea, which I started with, so always strikes a chord.

'Kept In A Locket' is now available on all digital music streaming and download platform.

November 17, 2022

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