Saad Shehzad releases ‘Tin Can Time Machine’ following his debut EP
The multi-layered track channels The Beatles-meets-'80s vibrations

[Dubai, April 15, 2022] Saad Shehzad, a bold voice in the region’s music scene, as well as an award-winning filmmaker, has released a brand-new track, Tin Can Time Machine. Written and recorded in full by Saad, the track embodies his free-flowing aura, inspired by music greats, The Beatles, while tapping into 80’s-style synthesizers in a creative embodiment of his life and vision for the future.

The self-produced track came organically to the home-grown artist, with every layer, from the vocals through to guitar and synths, performed and recorded by Saad. The track is an odyssey of feelings, joy and life that pushes the boundaries of modern rock music.

Saad commented on the track: “The words came to me almost instantly. I wanted to write words that maintained a hint of mystery but remained relatable. Musically speaking, I wanted the track to be raw and unpredictable. To have this contrast between the snarky vocal delivery and upbeat instrumental.”

Saad Shehzad having fun. Photo supplied.

Tin Can Time Machine was composed to be an audio-visual vibration for the senses, channelling John Lennon’s old school rock’n’roll swagger whilst seamlessly blending multiple eras of music into a concept of symphonic time travel. “I’m not the best singer or guitarist around but what I bring to the table is unique. And I believe the true spirit of rock’n’roll is about honesty and swagger and I have a lot of that to offer.”

The concept of the time machine is a metaphor for a brilliant but overlooked idea that people don’t believe in; an anthem for the overlooked underdogs who have big dreams, who resort to daydreaming to take them on a journey through the mundane.

The coming months are set to bring Saad’s music further to the forefront, with additional tracks and live gigs in the works – but staying true to himself and his music is his main objective: “After Epilogue, I wanted to write something that is a better reflection of my real personality. I didn’t want to take myself too seriously with music. We have too many local artists doing that already. Music is about feeling something and having fun. That’s my focus now. However, that doesn’t mean the next single will sound anything like this. It all depends on the song and the emotion I feel in that moment.”

Driven by passion and the process, rather than the search for fame, Saad concluded: “I always want to be experimental with my music. Not a lot of people are doing this kind of music in this region. And it might not be for everyone, but it’s definitely for someone. And more importantly, I get a kick out of it.”

Tin Can Time Machine follows the release of Saad’s 2020 debut EP – Epilogue – created in the midst of lockdown, with the three-track EP exploring some of his deep-rooted emotions in his first foray as a solo artist.

April 14, 2022

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