Shilpa Ananth Unveils New Single 'The Search'
UAE-based Indian vocalist and songwriter Shilpa Ananth is set to release her next single 'The Search'

Following the success of both her award-winning track “FEAR” and recent collaborative release “i Dwell”, UAE-based Indian vocalist and songwriter Shilpa Ananth releases her next single “The Search”. Now available across all major streaming platforms.

Shilpa Ananth in the studio. Photo supplied.

September, 2022 – Originally recorded using iPhone voice memos during the pandemic in 2020, Ananth explains “I had no access to recording studios, and all my professional mics and home studio setup were back in the US, so I decided to risk it and experiment.” Therefore, “The Search'' bears sentimental meaning for the independent artist who created the song to convey her relatable battle with grief triggered by isolation, loss and unprecedented changes during the initial COVID-19 lockdown.

Produced by Mumbai-based artist/producer RIATSU, the dynamic soundtrack embodies the journey of overcoming existential crisis and reclaiming self-worth during times of uncertainty.

Available now, the captivating composition is layered with suspense, resilience, immersive polyphonic textures and empowering rhythms that takes listeners on a voyage to discover self-assurance and validation. Ananth on the meaning behind the single: “I was questioning my self-worth, my life purpose, and going through an extreme period of existential crisis at the time. Those initial moments had me suffocating alone in a dark red room wondering if I’ll ever be able to open a window and breathe alright again. Every question I had at the time, I translated into feeling powerless and what I would do to summon them back, and that’s why I ask throughout the song ‘What will I do in search of power, who will I turn into when it’s over?’ And also end the song asking ‘Am I worthy, am I worthy of my journey?’. These lines mean everything to me, and brought me true meaning of my path as a person and an artist as I wrote them, so there’s no question that creating “The Search” literally saved my life.”

Live Music Video Premiere at TODA Dubai!

The captivating music video directed by Suruchi Sharma (Studio Ainak), featuring Ananth and India-based dancers Akshay Kundu and Purvi Khandelwal, will premiere during the East West Fusion Live Music Experience with Shilpa and The Sound Ensemble at the Theatre of Digital Art Dubai on September 24th.

September 14, 2022

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