Tarzan wins RAP DXB rap challenge following the release of his latest single 'The Box'
Born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, Iyad, who prefers to go by his stage name Tarzan, has been rapping since 2016

In a world where music is easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection, it can be difficult for new and upcoming artists to stand out from the crowd. However, one rapper based in Abu Dhabi has been making waves in the industry since he started releasing music just a few years ago.

Born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, Iyad, who prefers to go by his stage name Tarzan, has been rapping since 2016. However, he didn't start releasing music until recently, when he found a producer who was able to help him bring his sound to life.

"I've always loved music, and I've always loved the power that it has to connect with people," says the rapper. "But for a long time, I didn't have the resources to really make my music sound the way I wanted it to. Once I found my producer, though, everything changed."

Since then, Tarzan has released two songs: "Life Change" and "Dubai Dreams." Both tracks showcase the rapper's unique sound, which he describes as a mix of traditional rap beats with modern influences.

"I like to write lyrics that are personal and honest," he says. "I think that's what really connects with people, when they can hear a story that they can relate to in their own lives."

The rapper's latest track, "The Box," was released on Eid Al Fitr, a holiday that marks the end of the month-long fast of Ramadan. The song, according to the rapper, is one of his best yet, and is all about overcoming obstacles and achieving success in the face of adversity.

"It's a song about me, and about anyone who's ever felt like they were stuck in a bad situation," he says. "It's about how you can get yourself out of that situation, and how sometimes the only person who can help you is yourself."

The rapper goes on to explain that the music video for the song is also an important part of the message he's trying to convey. In the video, the rapper portrays a character who is high and dreaming of a better life. However, at the end of the video, he wakes up to realize that he's still stuck in the same situation he was before.

"It's a reminder that you can dream all you want, but if you don't take action to change your situation, you're never going to get anywhere," he says.

For the rapper, music is a way to reach out to people who may be struggling with their own problems and offer them hope and inspiration. He explains that he's had his own share of struggles in his life, but through music, he's been able to overcome them.

"I know what it's like to feel like you're stuck in a dark place," he says. "But I also know that it's possible to get out of that place, and to live a better life. That's what I want to share with people through my music."

The rapper's success hasn't gone unnoticed in the music industry, either. He recently competed in RAP DXB competition against other talented artists from around the UAE, and was able to come out on top.

"I feel ecstatic, to be honest," he says. "Competing against some really talented rappers and coming out on top just gives me more motivation to keep going and make even stronger music."

In fact, Tarzan is already preparing for his next big performance: he's set to take the stage at the upcoming Bred concert on April 27th, where he'll be performing alongside other popular artists from the region.

For the rapper, this is just the beginning of what he hopes will be a long and successful career in the music industry. With his unique sound, honest lyrics, and inspiring message, it's clear that he's well.

April 26, 2023

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