In the continuum of Tritons 2 journey so far, the band aims to capture their live-energy and signature groove with an original that has been widely demanded by their fans. Tritons latest release 'Tunnel Of Madness,' is an energetic, dark themed groove-machine of track, told from the conceptual perspective of "Mob Mentality."

It paints an image of a fictional (yet rooted in reality) wasteland filled with people bound to blind servitude and beckons the listener to "fall in line" with the madness that everyone else has succumbed to.
The track is self produced by the band, with Hijazi Zaiton & Tomislav Vaneski as Recording Engineers, Dion Greenwood as Mixing Engineer and Tomislav Vanevski as Mastering Engineer. The song opens with an intro riff that wastes no time diving right into lyrical content followed by a moody pre-chorus, the songs beginnings bring focus to its catchy melodic chant chorus. Paying tribute to their old school roots while trying to stay fresh, the mid-point of the song features an instrumental bridge that builds up to a "pseudo-breakdown," with screaming vocals done by Frontman Nathan backed by lead guitarist Dion, followed by a shreddy solo and the actual "heavy good stuff."

Triton considers this song to be a more appropriate image for the kind of heaviness people can expect, though the band will continue to expand and showcase their range in upcoming tracks, with the next song not being too far off, codenamed "Grim."

January 31, 2024

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