Following the advice of Tom Jones in 2014 on The Voice UK to sing live on stage, Jin gave up her 9-5 job the next year and began pursuing a music career.

Jin Flora is doing exactly that, living the dream in Dubai as she embarks on her second single release.

From The Voice blind auditions to Dubai's most luxurious stages, Jin has already made a name for herself in the music scene and is now set to establish herself as an independent recording artist. Originally from England and of Indian heritage, Jin flew to Dubai 8 years ago to hone her craft and discover her artistic style before delving into her releases. She is an artist to watch! Adding a touch of classic soul to her love of R&B Jin's songwriting offers a window into her private, political and progressive views as a woman in the modern world exploring topics of love, loss, and freedom.

Jin Flora's latest R&B single 'Lost My Angel', a tribute to her beloved late grandmother, arrives on all platforms this Friday, April 28th! "I lived with my grandmother for the first 7 years of my life and saw her almost every week until my early 20's as my parents bought a house nearby," Jin reflects. "She was like a second mother to me, she cooked the best food in the world and always had time to joke around and make me laugh with a big hug and kiss," she shares to Musivv. Written initially as a heartbreak song, the singer-songwriter however decided to record it after the sudden loss of her grandmother with one of her "favorite producers in Dubai," Rayan Bailouni. "Lost My Angel gave me a private space to express my grief and begin to heal," she adds.

She was like a second mother to me, she cooked the best food in the world - Jin on her grandmother

Jin considers the music video as something precious to her. "I have symbolism dotted around to represent some private details such as the flowers, the diamond butterfly, my black cape and hat and of course my grandmother's face," she explains. She worked with 43 Lens, a fantastic videographer in the region, to create cinematic scenes to capture the contrast between day and night to represent life and death. "The cave in particular is very meaningful to me as that is how I felt early last year, cocooned in grief," she adds reflectively.

However, like all things that come to pass, she made it back to the light and with that, celebrates setting her grief song free.

If this is the first time anyone is hearing her name, it certainly won't be the last!

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April 27, 2023

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