Meet Lina Ammor, a musical dynamo with roots as diverse as her talent, navigates various genres and languages, performing from Dubai to Europe.

The name "Lina" holds a poetic analogy, meaning "small palm tree" in Arabic.

However, Lina Ammor is far from small when it comes to her musical ambitions. She effortlessly navigates various genres, from pop and R&B/soul to house and jazz, singing in languages as diverse as English, French, Arabic, Spanish, and German growing to be a formidable force.

The rising star has roots as diverse as her musical talents. Born and raised in Germany with Moroccan heritage, Lina's journey in music began practically with her first words. Inspired by her grandmother, who was part of one of the first Moroccan girl bands in the '40s, '50s, and '60s, and surrounded by a family deeply connected to the music scene, Lina's destiny was set.

"At the moment I am working on my first solo album which is going to be a fusion of pop, R&B, and house in different languages," says the musical globetrotter, rocking stages from Dubai to Europe, creating more buzz than a caffeinated beehive. She's not just singing; she's orchestrating a cultural symphony. Imagine this: Moroccan vibes doing the cha-cha with Arabic beats, high-fiving African rhythms, and a French-English duo leading the dance party.  "I don’t want to perform everywhere to earn money, I want to be suitable for a place and to sing only what I love." And just when you think you've got her figured out, she throws in songs like a chef tossing pizza dough – unpredictable, but always delectable. She specializes in classic R&B, soul, and house music, staying true to the old-school vibes taking pride in being among the rare performers who bring the live experience to deep house and organic house genres.

"I don’t want to perform everywhere to earn money...

Her journey took root in school, where she was a notable presence in the choir and girl bands, hinting at the greatness that awaited. Sharing the stage with "The Weather Girls" and performing their iconic hit, "It's Raining Men," marked early highlights in her career. From Munich's P1 to the Geneva Motor Show, Olivia Valere Night Club in Marbella, and the Austrian Embassy in Dubai, Lina's performances span prestigious venues worldwide.

Some standout moments in Lina's career include winning on the Netflix show "Sing On Germany," serving as the pre-act for Guy Sebastian, performing for the German national football team, and gracing the stage at the German Comedy Award.

In 2020, she achieved a significant career milestone by winning on Netflix's "Sing On" and continued to captivate audiences on BBC's "All Together Now 2021" and Morocco's "Studio 2m." 

Speaking of women. "A successful woman stays resilient and follows her path," Lina describes. Consider the indomitable spirit of Rosa Parks, a symbol of resilience and success in history. Despite facing adversity and societal norms, Parks, through her unwavering commitment to civil rights, demonstrated the strength of a successful woman. Just as she stood up against injustice, a successful woman rises above failures, emerging stronger and wiser. Like Parks, such women persistently work on self-improvement, foster meaningful connections, and maintain a positive mindset. They defy discouragement, pursuing their dreams even when others doubt. Prioritizing goals over leisure, a successful woman mirrors the dedication and impact seen in historical figures like Rosa Parks, proving that sustained effort yields remarkable results over time.

"I truly believe if you wake up every morning doing that work for at least a year, you will see big results."

"I came to Dubai not knowing anyone after a lost relationship in Germany," she recalls. In the aftermath of a few weeks, enter the notorious COVID. Faced with the classic dilemma – retreat to Germany and embrace failure or tough it out during the lockdown, Lina opted for the latter. Call it a quarantine power move! She never looked back. The moral of the story? Sometimes, staying put during a pandemic turns you into a residency ninja and a business tycoon. Who knew lockdowns could be so productive?

The dynamic vocalist, conquered Dubai's entertainment scene, headlining the six-month Dubai Expo 2020 and becoming the resident singer atop the Burj Khalifa during pandemic restrictions. Collaborating with influential brands like Rotana Music, Sony, and Schwarzkopf, she shared stages with global icons, including Robin Schulz and Guy Sebastian. From Forbes Middle East to the FIFA World Cup, Lina's performances echoed on prestigious platforms.

"What I love about Dubai is that the people here are more open to connecting," she beams with pride.

There are people from every nook and cranny, and surprisingly, they're all rocking pretty chill life outlooks. Now, Dubai's music scene? It's practically a party on steroids! Meanwhile, back in Germany, Lina observes the entertainment scene plays hard to get. Musicians seem to be in a standoff. Live entertainment? Well, unless it's a wedding or some festive shindig, it's crickets.

Lina Ammor. Her journey signifies that, like the small palm tree her name evokes, she is growing into an influential force, destined for even greater heights.

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December 11, 2023

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