Originally from the tropical island of Mauritius with a path to the United Kingdom and now the Middle East

Remember playing songs on the famous play-and-pause radio cassette players? The owner of Djmasterzik Studio Mr. Zik recalls the experience with a pencil behind his ear for rewinding cassettes as his captivation to the rhythmic sounds coming from speakers grew his passion. As the Mauritian grew, the need to take music to a new level grew along with the investment of his first audio mixer—the kickstart to an amazing experience and career in music.

musivv caught up with the open format DJ.

Please tell us about yourself.
I am originally from the tropical island of Mauritius with a path in the United Kingdom and now the Middle East. My love for music started at a very young age. My Mum and Dad’s musical taste for the now ‘Oldies’, such as Boney M, ABBA, Dr. Alban amongst many others, was what sparked my passion and this is when my romantic love for music started.

What keeps you doing what you do?
Well, like I said music is my passion. A hobby that creates balance in my life. It is where I escapade to connect with myself, kind of like my way of meditating.

Why DJ?
I’ve been very close to music my whole life and, for me, the rhythms and the beats made me want to play with them. So, that’s when I started mixing. In addition, I felt so happy and motivated that I could create an atmosphere where family members and even strangers had a good time with a lot of positive vibes. I am also currently working for the most prestigious airline in the world, I have always been a fan of airplanes.

Most memorable gig so far?
Down in Mauritius Island with approximately 2,300 people in the Indigo club while I was expecting only 800 people.

Any plans on collaborating with local artists?
Yes. Indeed, I already am. My current collaboration is with the famous Bigg Frankii with over 70 million views in the youtube bucket, Jazzirica winner of the VIBE SEASON01.  FUTURE PLANS : RQAM – UAE National singer-songwriter, Sudanese singer-songwriter JINDI. If anyone wishes to collab just message me.

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April 12, 2022

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