Delve into the world of a multi-talented artist and singer, Sam Tring. Beyond her vibrant musical pursuits, Sam shared some intriguing insights that shed light on her unique personality and experiences.

From the twists of fate to the vibrant multiculturalism of her surroundings, her story is an amalgamation of diverse influences that have shaped her into the artist she is today.

Driven by the captivating allure of songwriting and creation, her passion for crafting original music and sharing it with the world serves as the driving force behind her artistic endeavors. Beyond the stage, it's worth mentioning that she possesses an intriguing genetic anomaly—a family lineage absent of red hair for generations, yet she and her two sisters all boast different shades of fiery red locks. "Red hair not appearing in the family for many generations we all inherited it somehow, genes are mindblowing!" she says ecstatically.

Adding to her unique charm is her adorable canine companion, Bruce Wayne, who faithfully assists her in the studio, providing an extra touch of musical inspiration.

"Definitely a musical pooch and he has had a lifetime of serenades!" she winks.

Sam Tring's serenade companion 'Bruce Wayne'. ctto

One incident, in particular, stands out as a catalyst for transforming Sam's outlook on life. She attests to the profound impact of being in the right place at the right time, a concept that has consistently played a significant role in her personal and professional journey. Whether it's through chance encounters in a bar or spontaneous travels, she believes in the power of these serendipitous moments that have led her to meet inspirational individuals, future friends, and collaborative partners. However, it was the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic that truly reshaped her mindset, propelling her to pursue her dreams with unwavering determination and gratitude for every opportunity. "[It] completely reshaped my mindset and pushed me to chase my dreams," she recollects. This shift in perspective taught her to appreciate each step towards her goals and to overcome any obstacles that come her way.

Having spent over a decade living in Dubai, the singer-songwriter describes the city as her home and the backdrop to her tremendous personal and professional growth. "I was only meant to stay 6 months with my band," Sam says. As an expat, she relishes the diversity and cultural richness that surrounds her. Living in such a melting pot of nationalities and backgrounds has significantly influenced her music and writing, infusing her work with a positive and unique flair.

I was only meant to stay 6 months with my band

While Sam focuses on writing for other artists, she also collaborates with a reputable publishing team in the UK, allowing her songs to reach markets and artists worldwide. Her most recent personal single, "Pocketful of People," was part of her EP titled "Beautiful Realisations." Each song in the collection serves as a beautiful realization that has shaped and transformed her life. "Pocketful of People" explores the characters she encountered on her expatriate journey, celebrating the peculiar, wonderful, and unforgettable personalities she encountered in the Middle East.

Sam Tring performing live. ctto

Beyond music, Sam harbors a deep passion for people. She draws inspiration from the individuals she encounters, finding the beauty and uniqueness in each person she meets. It is this celebration of diversity and the inherent fascination she finds in others that fuels her creative spirit.

I believe we are the ‘spice of life’ and we all have something so interesting about us

When asked about her daily rhythm, she reveals that she has transformed into a morning person. After walking her loyal companion, Bruce Wayne, she finds her "golden hour" of productivity. Starting the day with a sense of accomplishment allows her to indulge in leisurely and social activities later on, guilt-free.

Lastly, when faced with the "toughest" question: Adele or Beyoncé? Sam Tring gracefully evades the comparison, acknowledging the distinct offerings and musical brilliance of both artists. However, she openly expresses her desire to collaborate with the songwriters behind their remarkable works, acknowledging their awe-inspiring talent.

The room was left with a profound sense of admiration for her passion, resilience, and genuine appreciation for the beauty of life's unexpected moments. Her music and artistry undoubtedly mirror the vibrant tapestry of her experiences and the rich cultural influences she has embraced along the way. With her unwavering dedication and unique perspective, Sam is poised to make a lasting impact in the music industry, captivating audiences around the globe.

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May 18, 2023

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