Vyacheslav "Mr. Viviti" Tyurin, founder of a newly established Dubai-based record label aims to rattle the independent music industry in the Middle East and beyond.

The gravity of a song's melody and an artist's work ethics go front, back and center.

"First of all I look for a spark in an artist, passion. Songs should come from the heart regardless of the trends or top charts," says Mr. Viviti about what it takes for him to notice an artist's diamond in the rough. "If you listen to any golden hit, without any doubt it will seem genuine and breathtaking," he adds.

George aka DMC Style says, "As an A&R I'm always looking for an artist who's not only talented but also willing to invest in his/her career much time and money. There's a myth or stereotype in the head of almost every artist, that the label will solve all of their problems."

So, what does it take to run a distribution company?

Everybody has an idea of what record labels do, and the more passionate music fans may even have an inkling of their favorites. But have you ever wondered what it's like behind the scenes – or how to run a label?

We tracked down two executives to share their insights.

Vyacheslav "Mr. Viviti" Tyurin, founder of a newly established Dubai-based record label VIVITI. Photo credits @shubinfilms

Do you consider yourselves perfectionists?

Mr. VIVITI (Vyacheslav Tyurin): Absolutely. And this is a problem sometimes. Because I spend a lot on small things. I polish everything so it can shine. And it takes time. While I'm creating one song, a certain TikTok will release three singles during the same amount of time. Although, on the other hand, the value of his songs at such a speed will certainly be low. 

George aka DMC Style:  Right now I'm reading a book, where there was a great thought, that no one is perfect. We are all humans and we need to accept that we're not perfect and will never be. Of course, as professionals, we continue to grow, to give more value, and to make our skills better than yesterday, but we don't need to punish ourselves if we didn't do something absolutely perfect. 

Does it mean that everything around you have to be perfect as well? 

Mr. VIVITI (Vyacheslav Tyurin): Yes, perfectionism, can't be sectoral. Believe me, if you are a perfectionist in creating songs, you are looking for every nuance, every note, then you will not go to bed at home until you clean up the kitchen. That's me.

George aka DMC Style:  I love to have my environment clean and organized, but sometimes it can be a little messy. But even in this, I see some kind of perfection. That it's not too much and just a little, haha. 

What are the main advantages of working with your label?

Mr. VIVITI (Vyacheslav Tyurin): With us, an artist feels at home. We are like a family. First of all, we are musicians with a huge baggage of hits and achievements. We know the pitfalls of this business better than anyone. We are easygoing, always willing to help the artist and we are always here for each other. 

I've been in this industry for 25 years. I have gone through ups and downs. And I've created this label for people just like me. I know what it’s like to be scammed by labels. It’s been around me my entire life. They can easily ditch you or even not reply to your emails for weeks or months. I know it. I had a contract with one of the majors. They expect you to become a superstar right away. If you can’t then you will be put on the shelf and you can forget for a long time what communication with your label is.

George aka DMC Style, A&R for new record label VIVITI. Photo credits: @shubinfilms

George aka DMC Style: Besides quick distribution, clean reports and the possibility of playlisting via our partnership with The Orchard Digital, they always have me as A&R to communicate with if they have any questions. No Distrokid, Tunecore or any other service can give them such communication.

I was at the Berklee Summit in Abu Dhabi and spoke with more than 20 artists and one thing that they have in common: They have no concrete idea of how to properly release music. 

Spotify said that 100,000 tracks have been released every single day. The competition is insane like never before! Of course, most of those tracks sound poorly and only 1% or even less will become big stars. 

But to make people listen to your music or at least to know you, there should be always a release strategy, promo plan, PR plan, etc.

Every artist is like an Apple corporation. Every song is an iPhone. 

Can you imagine that Apple will release a new model of their phone without any ads or marketing? It doesn't make any sense. 

But the artists think that this is fine. I get it when music is your hobby and you don't care about it so much. But when you wanna build a career you just can't do it like that.  And the earlier you understand how it all works, the better it will be for you.  That's why I always teach artists to make proper release strategies before putting out their songs.

What offers do you offer to artists on this label?

Mr. VIVITI (Vyacheslav Tyurin): First of all, we offer an honest and friendly distribution deal under the guidance of professionals in the creation and production of music. We give each artist his own virtual office. With us, the artist can immediately see what he earns straight away, We're really cool, seriously.

George aka DMC Style: Yes, as an indie label, we don't need to take away the master rights of the tracks. Let the artist have it. We also can help with the marketing strategy, even the production, and toplines since we have a great experience in it. 

...we don't need to take away the master rights of the tracks. Let the artist have it.

What type of music do you like the most?

Mr. VIVITI (Vyacheslav Tyurin): I am a traditional guy. I like pop, rock, dance, electronic, and ambient. My wife Irene Nelson is currently recording a mantra album with me. This is ethno music. India. In Sanskrit. And I loved this music too. With all my heart. I love music in general. I can't live without making it. Just can’t imagine. 

George aka DMC Style: Mostly I'm a pop guy, I'm absolutely fascinated by listening to and creating pop music. But as well I love hip-hop, trap, dancehall, and even some rock. As long as the music drives the emotion in me, I love it. 

What are your plans for this year?

Mr. VIVITI (Vyacheslav Tyurin): Well, many plans but mostly to develop our label. Honestly, besides that, I just want peace. The last two years have been a real nightmare. With pandemic and military conflicts. I want to wish everyone peace, stay safe and sound! Remember, music is eternal, but we are not. We create music that will live even after we have gone. It is important to remember. Music and love will save humanity.

George aka DMC Style:  The plan is to build a great and trustworthy independent music label in UAE, work with local Arabic artists and also with great musicians around the world. This is only the beginning and we're very excited to help the local community as well as other talented people in different countries, to whom I'm speaking with. I'm sure we all have lots of success in the next years!

In the reality there could be two possible situations: Either you give away your master rights in exchange for possible success at the hands of a major label, which is not guaranteed at all, or when you are investing in yourself, making good marketing & PR and the label help you with distribution, playlists, clean financial reports and good communication. VIVITI provides the latter to all of their clients.  "So if the artist just brings us songs and nothing more, he can't make a career, because obviously, he doesn't understand how the music business works in 2022 and will work in 2023," concludes A&R George aka DMC Style.

Whenever an artist starts to gain knowledge in all the processes of the business the bigger picture becomes clearer and success is inevitable.

Visit VIVITI online for more information.

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November 7, 2022

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