Soli reflects on how the pandemic brought him closer to his dad exploring music together and dream of pursuing music professionally in the future.

One good thing that came out of the pandemic in terms of music is that it allowed for more diverse and innovative ways of creating and sharing tunes online.

This can not be any more significant for young musician Soli. The pandemic, surprisingly, turned out to be a gateway to an incredible voyage. During this time, Soli and his father had the luxury of nothing but playing music. More recordings and practices ensued, making the experience truly delightful. This became the finest opportunity to learn and explore Soli's musical inclinations.cUnquestionably, the pandemic has positively influenced the young boy's learning journey. "I feel really lucky and blessed because my dad gives me his full support," he shares with Musivv.

I feel really lucky and blessed because my dad gives me his full support

Soli considers himself fortunate and blessed, for his father provides 24/7 support, which he deeply appreciated. His father has played a significant role in Soli's musical path. It is an incredible feeling to connect with someone close to a shared passion, and Soli's father has always been there to provide support and guidance for his growth in music.

Soli feels blessed to have the support of his father. ctto

For Soli, the pinnacle aspiration is not fame or fortune. While it would be pleasing to receive such recognition from music, his dream is to never stop playing. To be admitted into an arts university, to produce albums, and to create songs. And above all "To never stop playing because, for me, music is where I feel I belong," the young talent explains.

For the young prodigy, schooling complements his musical aspirations. His school has an exceptional art department, and Soli is an active member of the school band.  He has been given numerous opportunities to perform solo in several school events. "Both school and music are equally important, and I make time for both," he says. He strives to balance the two and maintain a schedule that helps him excel in both studies and passion.
As for genre, Soli enjoys listening to a variety of music genres from across the world. This helps shape his style and musical identity, keeping him inspired to create and perform. The thrill of performing live and sensing the crowd's energy fills Soli with inspiration and motivates him to achieve his dreams.

Both school and music are equally important, and I make time for both

The twelve-year-old musician hailing from Egypt has been playing guitar and singing since the age of six with a musical journey that has been quite the rollercoaster. Together with his father, they have established a personal recording studio for their covers and jam sessions, which is a weekly source of anticipation and excitement for Soli.

Undoubtedly, Soli never wants to stop playing music and aims to pursue it professionally in the future. Soli's advice is to cherish the process. It is okay not to get it right the first time. If music is something that one wants to learn, then one should give it all. He concludes with this advice. "You don’t need to be worried if you can do it or not, instead you should be inspired because no matter what happens, you always have a chance to do the thing you love: Music."

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April 11, 2023

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