Sonoshee Cloud might be just 21, but the pulsating energy she brings to the music scene feels like it has been around for ages.

Imagine a kid in the Middle East, one who was deemed a “weirdo” for her non-conformist attire and creativity, grabbing the mic and spitting bars like she’s been here before.

A nod to both her North African/Middle Eastern roots and her eclectic influence of Western rap and Japanese pop culture. Think of Naruto: from an outcast in his village to becoming the Hokage, the top ninja. Sonoshee's journey is much the same; from SoundCloud releases at 14 to dropping bangers like "No Hesi" - all while navigating through the ups and downs of life.

"No Hesi," she explains, is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. A call to embrace the fearless approach to life, urging listeners to take that proverbial leap without being paralyzed by doubt. A philosophy she has embraced after the chaos of the previous year. But it is not just about rebounding; it's about dancing through the storm. That's the Sonoshee Cloud way – and it's contagious. She recalls the vibrant energy in the studio, which subsequently spread to her friends who heard the track, igniting spontaneous dance sessions.

The track has deep-rooted messages like “Life is a game and I’m leveling up” and “My head been hella hazy, I’m gonna make it no hesi.” Drawing parallels with video game characters leveling up, Sonoshee views life’s challenges as levels to conquer. As for the haze that life sometimes blankets us with, vox populi, vox dei - the voice of the people is the voice of God. The people want to break through, and Sonoshee’s music is the machete slashing through the thick underbrush of doubt and hesitancy.

Now, her inspirations? Oh boy! Imagine if Nicki Minaj decided to do a collab with Hatsune Miku. It’s the blend of West meeting East; of rap culture shaking hands with J-pop. But here's where the magic lies: Sonoshee takes these inspirations and sprinkles her own unique flavor to it. She’s not trying to be a copycat; she’s the sui generis – in a class by herself.

"I switch it up by making my own vision," she says.

And the power of her music isn’t just limited to sick beats and heady rhythms. Music, for Sonoshee, is a life raft. It’s the outlet for her emotional torrents, the canvas for her vivid mental landscapes. She wears her vulnerabilities like armor, churning out tunes that not only resonate with her but with countless others who find solace in her beats. To hear that her music played the role of an emotional salve for someone else? Well, that’s the cherry on the sundae.

There's an old Latin saying, "Mens sana in corpore sano" which means "A healthy mind in a healthy body." But let's face it, the mind can be a fickle thing, and often, it doesn't play by the rules. But, as research suggests, creativity can sometimes be the flip side of this coin. So, while Sonoshee's challenges with mental health are evident, her gift to transform this into art is what sets her apart.

Just as Naruto’s ninja way was to never give up, Sonoshee’s anthem resonates with pushing through, irrespective of the challenges. From being deemed the village "weirdo" to now rallying her own ninja squad of fans, Sonoshee's journey is not just about proving herself, but about embracing and celebrating her unique identity. With each track, she's not just throwing out a new jutsu; she's crafting a legacy. Dive into her universe, and you might just find your own ninja way!

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December 5, 2023

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