Musivv's JumpSTARt Initiative recipient Areeva B shares her thoughts on crafting melodies, navigating teenage tales, and dreaming big!

If Devi's life was that of a singer-songwriter, it would be close to Areeva B's.

Recipient of Musivv's JumpSTARt Initiative to find diamonds in the rough, Areeva takes us on a musical journey that echoes the trials and triumphs of adolescence, much like the beloved character from "Never Have I Ever."

'Music Room,' one of Areeva's creations, is a poignant narrative of teenage love, heartbreak, and the echoes of what could have been. Drawing from personal emotions, Areeva artfully crafted lyrics that resonate with the lonely vibes of unfulfilled romance, mirroring the experiences of countless listeners. "The lines are very close to my heart because I was able to put all my emotions into the lyrics, and the lyrics were able to express the lonely vibe I wanted to go for," the young singer-songwriter says.

"The lines are very close to my heart because I was able to put all my emotions into the lyrics, and the lyrics were able to express the lonely vibe I wanted to go for,"

Beyond her musical pursuits, Areeva finds solace and balance in sports. With a love for basketball and swimming, she seamlessly integrates the worlds of music and physical activity, a testament to the diverse passions inherited from her parents. "My heart craves music but my body craves workout, and I'm glad I have the passion from both my parents as my dad loves sports and my mother loves music," she says with a whim.

Areeva expresses admiration for artists like VARSHAVINN, citing their iconic style and lyricism. "I've been a huge fan of hers since I got affiliated with musivv, I love her music style and the way she writes her lyrics, too. She dreams of collaboration with Jiire Smith, drawn to the profound connection she feels with his music. "His music just speaks to me," she dreams.

Areeva's performance journey began with covers, competitions, and Trinity rock and pop exams, evolving into captivating concerts both at school and beyond. The pandemic-induced slowdown became a catalyst for her to explore songwriting, a path that ignited a newfound passion. Areeva, raised in the embrace of music, is on a perpetual learning curve, aspiring to bring joy to her audience through her evolving melodies. "I'm still learning, but I hope to continue to make people happy with my music," she delightfully shares.

"I love performing and just being able to see a bunch of people singing MY lyrics and screaming them out."

Areeva's aspirations stretch to a global scale — the dream of a world tour. The prospect of connecting with diverse audiences, seeing them embrace and echo her lyrics, fuels her desire to travel and share her music on an international stage.

Yet, Areeva faces the common struggle of balancing her artistic pursuits with academic responsibilities. As a student navigating board exams, she acknowledges the stress while finding solace in music during every available moment. Areeva's dedication is buoyed by the unwavering support of her parents, who make her musical journey a smoother ride. "It's hard to keep up with everything all at once," she says. "I'm grateful to have the support of my parents who've made my music journey an ease," she concludes.

Areeva B emerges not just as a talented artist but as a relatable storyteller, weaving her experiences into melodies that resonate with the universal themes of love, dreams, and the pursuit of passions. As she treads the delicate line between schoolbooks and songbooks, Areeva,  like Devi's resilience that adds depth and authenticity to the Netflix show, stands poised for a musical journey that promises to be as captivating as the notes she pens.

NEXT is musivv's segment featuring young and up-and-coming artists. Features under this segment are considered as submissions for nomination under this category in the Musivv Awards’ annual recognition.

December 11, 2023

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