Daneel Sayegh shares a glimpse of his life before and after Arabs Got Talent

Daneel Sayegh, an artistic director and a performer discovered rhythm at the age of 10 when he used to play with different sounds.

Thirteen years later, he is still playing, discovering, and exploring life through music.

How do you balance life considering you are an artistic director, and percussionist? What's your typical day like?

Being an artistic director comes hand in hand with being a performer in the sense of the creative flow. I feel like all of these titles are complimentary to one another. On a typical day, I occupy my brain fully with new projects and ideas and during the night, on stage, I shut my brain off and my hands take the lead.

Please tell us about your Arabs Got Talent journey.

Arabs Got Talent was a remarkable experience for me but also very challenging. I remember at one of the performances there were a few technical issues that left me on stage, last minute, without any music and I had to improvise my whole performance. In the first few moments of this incident, I thought of nothing else but walking off stage without performing. But this was the performance that got me to the finals, and it taught me that when a plan fails, instead of giving up; improvise!

If you were to choose only one between artistic directing or playing the percussions, what would you choose? The one that gives you that zen and sense of fulfillment the most? 

There is a certain level of fulfillment related to preparing a concept from scratch that involves artists and musicians and watching it manifest into reality. But the real sense of zen and fulfillment, for me, comes in the form of the direct connection between me and my instrument in a solo jam, under a tree.

"I am only doing my homework in trying to be as responsible as I can towards myself, others, and our host; Mother Nature," he ends.

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August 16, 2022

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