Singer-songwriter Nouri shares the value of gratefulness no matter what situation in life one is in

All it takes is one realization. For New Zealand singer-songwriter Nouri, one moment imbued in her a sense of unfettered optimism, leading her to pursue music and constantly strive to be the best version of herself.

While she expresses gratitude for every opportunity she receives Nouri is conscious of the fact that she has known the sting of scarcity and adversity all too well.

Nouri shares to Musivv how life-changing releasing her first song "Where Do We Go From Here?" was. She recalls having a video back from the Syrian refugee camp where she was born and people were singing her song. "That moment I feel like changed a lot for me," she says. The experience taught her that everything she does is bigger than music, which means that what she's doing is not the most significant matter. "It’s all about the impact I’m leaving on those who are in the same position I was. Giving hope to someone that sees themselves in you," she says.

It’s all about the impact I’m leaving on those who are in the same position I was.

Dubai Dubai Dubai

A change in scenery can spark a newfound sense of creativity for artists, including singer-songwriters. The shift in surroundings can provide a fresh perspective and inspire a new batch of creative ideas. Some artists even attribute their magnum opus to the time spent in a new and unfamiliar environment.

Singer-songwriter New Zealand artist Nouri shares this view in a recent interview with Berto Brown. "I've been to Dubai before, but not that long. And I felt like I've got a taste for it, but not enough. So hence why I'm back," she shares Berto Brown. While looking to understand the music industry in Dubai better, as she could relate to the struggle of not having that knowledge, Nouri wanted to have an honest perspective. "So if I can get in a recording studio, I want to do as many songs as," she adds.

Number 1

Her recent single "Anybody" topped the Apple Music charts days after its release. "My inspiration comes from my personal experiences, but honestly, I just love what I do and I want to do it every day. So it's just because I can in the most humble way," the singer-songwriter shares her feelings about her song being number 1. "It just leaves me so speechless and I'm so grateful because you know, you put pre-saves, you don't know who's going to pre-save, you don't know how the song's ever going to do and I'm always just happy," she affirms.

It just leaves me so speechless and I'm so grateful

The pop star says "I know as musicians we hold on to [our songs] like our life depends on it." According to her, releasing that music finally was the goal. "To get that number one, it's just such a surreal, grateful feeling that I have and I can't describe it. That's the way I describe it.

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May 6, 2023

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