He has won local awards. He has started his fashion line. Glitter is his middle name.

Michael Wilson Simba goes by the moniker, Golden Junior—befitting in his own right.

The fashion-conscious singer-songwriter believes he is an eye candy, envied for his knack for dressing well. "As a young man I dreamed of one day owning my own fashion company," he shares with musivv. His keen interest in companies like Adidas, Gucci and more, sparked the idea of ​​starting his online brand called 'Coolest Kid'. "I am really proud of this achievement and I still continue to pursue my dreams more creatively."

Young entrepreneur Golden Junior wears his brand. Photo supplied.

As with any other endeavor, great things don't come as easy as praise. "One of the biggest challenges I face in my music is the lack of support I need to be where I need to be," says Golden Junior.

Michael started using the handle 'Golden Junior' officially only in 2015. It began when girls expressed their liking for his appearance. "They kept referring to me as Golden Junior so eventually I accepted it."

When he discovered that he has a singing voice, Michael began singing at church when he was younger.  Along the way, he also discovered an ability to compose poetry.

His latest release 'Tutoke' is a love song that talks about the bliss and enjoyment one can celebrate with a partner to keep the affections alive. "It is a great song that you can dedicate to your partner on weekends as a catalyst to add flavor to your raw love," he recommends. This July 2022, Golden Junior will release another track that he believes will further change the direction of his music as a whole.

On April 14, 2021, he won the Singida Plus Awards and won 3 of the various categories: Best Male Composer of the Year, Best Collaboration of the Year and Best Song.

Albeit his early success, Michael still dreams as an artist to inspire others, and be a world-renowned musician not only for his music but for the positive message he embodies. "I will always strive to make the world a place of peace and joy, and use my voice to spread love and alleviate war.," he says. "I believe everyone is created uniquely. I find perfection in that. I am grateful to God for all that he has given me and I value being me."

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July 20, 2022

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