Charles Wilson has had an interesting musical journey thus far, and he's not showing any signs of stopping.

Having a glimpse of one's destiny amid a negative incident can be a powerful and transformative moment.

Recording Academy voting member, singer/songwriter and producer Charles Devon Wilson was one step ahead.

Life-Changing Experience At the tender age of thirteen, a harrowing incident befell the Grammy Voting Member Charles Wilson. Rendered unconscious for thirty minutes and hospitalized with a broken rib, a pierced spine and lung, the young musician miraculously emerged with minimal residual effects. However, the fleeting moments of unconsciousness were not in vain, as the artist had a surreal experience of witnessing a resplendent, luminous beam of light. Profoundly moved, the artist offered prayers to the divine, imploring for guidance towards his raison d'être. "I remember praying and asking God to really show me what it is that I'm supposed to do in this world," he recalls. Furthermore, a hospital screening of the Diana Ross and Brandy film Double Platinum reinforced the burgeoning artist's aspirations. "I knew that if I made it through this particular accident, that my life's journey was going to be pursuing music and following my dreams as an artist, as a songwriter, and as a music executive," he concludes.

my life's journey was going to be pursuing music and following my dreams as an artist, as a songwriter, and as a music executive

Grammy Recording Academy Voting Member "It is an amazing opportunity to be a part of the Recording Academy and to be very influential within the Grammy process," he shares to Musivv.  Annually, he has been a participant in dialogues of significance. He has taken a seat amongst individuals who have praised the works of musicians, inventive wordsmiths, producers, agents, and so forth. "And it has been amazing to be a part of those conversations and to be able to shape the music industry for years too," he adds.

Creative Process "My creative process is very interesting. I work off of vibes and feelings," the producer shares. The driving force behind his creative process stems (pun intended) on the demands of the moment, the pressing issues that need to be addressed, and the essential messages that require dissemination. He endeavors to couple these with his innate abilities, which involve vividly painting narratives through artistic expression, specifically in crafting melodic compositions that unfurl a seamless plot line, eliciting a deep-seated emotional connection with the audience.

I work off of vibes and feelings

The Creative Challenge. "Sometimes I don't know when a song is finished," he comments. Occasionally, according to him, a melody reaches its conclusion and it seems that it's complete, but upon revisiting it, an epiphany emerges that some additional production or lyrics must be added, or that some backgrounds need to be introduced. Yet, on other occasions, the knowledge of whether the track necessitates further alterations is indeterminate. "But the idea is to really feel it and to really trust your gut instinct," Charles says.

Sometimes I don't know when a song is finished

Working With Artists "When it comes down to music, what I look for in terms of working with a new artist is passion." Charles has a knack for meticulously examining an artist's level of commitment, willingness to improve and drive to succeed. He scrutinizes their writing skills, collaborations with innovative producers, digital presence, innovative marketing strategies, and their proactive approach in seeking interviews. "All of these factors are crucial to me since it indicates their readiness to exert the extra effort in promoting and elevating their music to greater heights after we're done with the creative process," he states empathically.

what I look for in terms of working with a new artist is passion

Top 3 Projects "My first EP, which was (wait for it) was exhilarating to work on," Charles enumerates. "It was my first project as an artist. It was my introduction to the world that I am here, that I am here to stay, that I have what it takes, that my creativity is here, that my ingenuity is here. And that was amazing," The second one was a song he wrote for Empire, which was probably one of his first placements. "I loved how that song came about and how it was played on TV with a bunch of artists and actors around it," he recalls. The third project, he thinks, was for an artist friend named Simone Kelly. "We were able to write a lot of her music for her upcoming album," says the Grammy producer. And he believed that Simone Kelly, a rising R&B artist in America, had the potential to soar to new heights in the industry. Wilson and his team recognized that Kelly needed a seasoned and experienced support system to help propel her career forward. They eagerly collaborated with her to write and produce music for her upcoming album, confident that their combined efforts would lead to great success for the talented artist.

Ending Remarks Having started singing at a very young age and attending Detroit School of Arts. After college, he relocated to Tucson, Arizona, where he joined a rock band called 'King Stereo' as the frontman and started writing and performing music. In 2013, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a music career as a writer and artist, and he has since had over 50 placements on TV and television, as well as releasing over 30 projects as an artist. His advice for aspiring singers and producers, the key is to put in the work. Network, meet people, and interview with them. Develop a deep love for your passion and craft. Spend time in the studio, recording and working with new producers to hone your skills. But don't stop there. Strive to do something unique and innovative, something that has never been done before. Embrace creativity and push boundaries to truly stand out in the music industry. "Do something that has never been done before and do it better than whoever. Do it better than what you think it should be done. And I promise you that the world will be your oyster. Thank you so much. This is Charles Wilson." 

Embrace creativity and push boundaries to truly stand out in the music industry

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April 13, 2023

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