She reminds us that health and love are of utmost importance in life.

The pandemic allowed French singer Audshine to create music that reflects more of her beliefs and find newer inspirations.

She considers it an opportunity to look at the world from a different perspective. Her latest EP 'Respire' is an assemblage of 8 songs that reflect who she truly is and reveal what she has endured. The performer believes that no matter what hurdles in life we go through—in her case prevailing health conditons—as long as we are alive and breathing, the pursuit to carry on is substantial. In an exclusive interview, Aushine talks more about her EP.

I'm sure all the songs are close to your heart, but if there is one song that you would like your listeners to take home, what would it be? 

I would like my listeners to take home the most personal song 'F****** Barbie.'

We're curious. What's the story behind it? 

It says "I'm not a doll, I'm not a Barbie", I'm not only a blond girl, I have things to say. One day a man said to me in the street: " You're beautiful, you can't have problems". And it's a statement I hear several times. Why do people focus so much on their bodies and appearance? We are in a world based on appearance, with publicity and social media but it's not real life. 'F****** Barbie' explains we must fight against prejudice based on physical appearance. In this song, I want to say that what we have in our brain and our heart is more important than our body wrap & we can't judge someone according to only to his body. 

For me, having a good physical appearance is important, but it's not a priority.

"Look at my eyes and my hands, I bleed in the abyss. You're focused on the hollow of my back, sorry if you're attracted to me" 

I have different health problems: fibromyalgia, retinopathy (left eye), chronic candidiasis and endometriosis.

So I don't understand why people judge so much and think that if you are beautiful, you have all in life but the exact answer is: if you have health you can have all in your life. Health is the thing the most important with love. Don't forget that. 

Audshine photographed by Yasmine Bennis

Congratulations on the tour. Tell us about how that went. You've done so much in a short period pursuing a musical career. What's the biggest goal? Where do you see Audshine in 5 years? 

Thank you so much. I chase my dreams & I try to do the best I can. "Respire Tour" went after my EP and it's another way to share music with my public and also meet other people who can love my songs. The main goal is to do the music I feel with lyrics that have meanings. I hope I will have other opportunities and work with other talented people. I want to do an album for the end of 2022 and share it on stage after. I hope I will have the best media exposure (TV and radio). In 5 years, my dream will be to do things for the environment & animal conditions, to use my notoriety to do that.

I have different health problems: fibromyalgia, retinopathy (left eye), chronic candidiasis and endometriosis.

What do you think of Vanessa Paradis's music? 

One of the most famous French singers around the world… I like Vanessa Paradis very much. My favorite album is the one she made with Lenny Kravitz and my favorite song is: "Be My Baby". People often compare my voice to her & it's a big compliment for me. 

RESPIRE Official EP Artwork released under Blasta Productions.

What do you think is missing around your local music scene? 

As an independent artist, I would say that we need much support & the problem I often meet is some media that look down on us and don't promote our tour because we're not famous enough. The music scene is very difficult in Paris and everywhere in France, above all with the Covid-19 but I hope this summer will be better for live music. I think local scenes must be more highlighted by the local media. 

Tea or Coffee? Coffee

Beer or Wine? Red wine for sure! I’m French!

Pool or Beach? Beach

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February 15, 2022

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