RAND is a Lebanese musical band formed in 2013 by three siblings: Youssef, Lili, and Jamale Abou Hamad.

Youssef Abou Hamad is a Lebanese singer-songwriter and pianist.

Taking piano lessons in 1993, he pursued his studies at the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music. A member of SACEM, he co-founded RAND in 2013. www.youssefabouhamad.com portrays his portfolio career.

Lili Abou Hamad is a Lebanese singer who studied music at the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music. She also cofounded RAND in 2013.

Jamale Abou Hamad is a Lebanese artist who studied music at the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music. A member of SACEM, she cofounded RAND in 2013. www.jamaleabouhamad.com features the different branches of her work as an artist.

What is the core message of the band? 

At RAND, we aim at inspiring people by conveying genuine music to our worldwide audience.

What message would you like your listeners to take away every time they listen to your music?

Each one of our original songs carries a distinct message. As acoustic music is our way of expressing our feelings and emotions, we intend to share these authentic moments with our audience. Shedding light on topics ranging from loss to love and emigration, we would like our listeners to decipher our pieces and have their special takeaway from each song. Through our music, videos, and concerts, we long to give them the means to freely interpret our tracks.

What are the pros and cons of being a family band?

Being a family band is not constantly easy and smooth. Working together on our music and enjoying our journey deepen the bonds between us. However, we often argue about taking an optimal decision since each band member has a unique vision and a different background.

What would be the biggest challenge that the band faced and how did you guys resolve it? 

As an independent band, the biggest challenge faced by the group was to keep growing for nine consecutive years. Maintaining high musical standards is key for us while reinventing ourselves remains a daily mission that we keep in mind.

Was there ever a time that you wanted to call it quits?

No. Although Jamale launched her solo singing career in 2019, RAND is now united more than ever. Indeed, we plan to sustain our group as much as possible since we believe that music is in our DNA.

If there is anything you do together that gives you a chance to have a deeper bond outside of music, what would it be?

Spending time with our family is essential for us to deepen our bond. Being the cornerstone of our success, our family values fuel our creativity and unleash our potential.

Biggest dream?

Our biggest dream is to keep creating music to motivate people amid the global overlapping crises. We want our music to be a beautiful escape for our audience during these trying times. We believe that music supports the health and well-being of people. Simply put, we want to contribute to enhancing the quality of life of our listeners through music. 

Who’s the clown in the group?

Jamale is definitely our very own clown. An accomplished director and actress, she adds her touch of humor to our day-to-day activities.

Who’s the serious one?

Being an engineer and a personal development coach, Youssef is the serious one. He is keen on maintaining rigor and consistency within the group.

Any last message?

To be able to fulfill your dreams, leave no stone unturned.

Follow RAND:  www.randmusica.com

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August 12, 2022

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