Quizy Quiz talks about life, music, and inspirations in his single 'YOU'

Emirati artist Quizy Quiz started off writing down rhymes in the back of his school bus.

He recalls creating tracks when he was younger and slowly tried and aimed to progress in terms of sound and delivery of music. The last couple of years has been the most active Quizy Quiz has been performing and releasing new music. The songwriter talks to musivv about his latest music 'YOU.'

Quizy Quiz having fun during a photoshoot.

How are you? How has the pandemic affected your music?
I feel like it affected me the same way it did everybody else with their goals. I started off looking at it as an opportunity to focus and make more music but then life threw me a couple of curveballs and pushed my plan out the window.

life threw me a couple of curveballs and pushed my plan out the window

What's the core message of the music you put out?
I don't really have a core message to deliver, I want listeners to enjoy the music I put out, relate to some of the slower ones, and sing along to the fun ones.

What is it like growing up as a rapper?
It's tough, I grew up in a non-supportive yet non-dismissive environment when it came to making music. Back then being a musician was somewhat frowned upon so I think that's where the stage name came into play to keep me sort of separated from the scene.

What super-human skill do you wish you have?
Mastering an instrument in less than 10 hours.

Quizy Quiz performing at a local open mic.

What was your first song about?
Oh, I can't remember that to be honest. Must've been back in '14 or something. I don't even think the song is available online anymore.

What is it you do outside of music that gives you fulfillment?
Other than music, I shoot videos and do photography, I play a couple of sports and lots of video games.

Tell us about 'YOU.'
My latest single YOU was released on February 14th, it's a lovey-dovey song that I've been working on for a while and have been waiting for the right time to release it.

The inspiration came from previous relationships, as you can tell from the song it's all of the moments that we had put down in a rhyme scheme.

The chorus stands out for me. I haven't been blessed with vocal cords that can hold a pitch so it's always fun trying something out of my comfort zone.

'YOU' Official Artwork. Image supplied.

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May 9, 2022

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