In reference to her new song 'She Knows', Musivv Awards 'NEXT (Young) Artist of the Year' Winner and powerhouse Emirati vocalist Alya, fresh off her win, unveils her soulful R&B evolution, gears up for a UK venture to amplify Emirati talent globally, and remains ever-passionate about her beloved Dubai.

A thundering ovation still echoes in the vaulted archways of the Barcoe Studio, an aftermath of the recent Musivv Awards.

Powerhouse vocalist, Alya, clinched the ‘NEXT Young Artist of the Year’ title, bolstered by the raw emotion in her song ‘Love War’. As if the universe hadn’t already thrown enough spotlight her way, she took to the stage herself, electrifying the audience with a performance that left goosebumps in its wake.

Alya photoshoot for 'She Knows'. Image supplied.

"Being a fragment of such an illustrious evening and rubbing shoulders with the crème de la crème of regional talent – that’s a headrush," Alya shares, the glow of her recent win still fresh. And just as the dust begins to settle, she’s back in the limelight with another sonic masterpiece, "She Knows".

The narrative woven into "She Knows" is less of a ballad and more of a war-cry. A tale of a woman asserting her superiority, echoing the sentiment that completeness isn't tethered to having a man by one's side. Alya elaborates its a sonic rebellion, a song soaked in self-assurance."You don’t need a man in your life to make you feel complete," she says about the song's back story.

"You don’t need a man in your life to make you feel complete"

Recording this track was like releasing a caged bird. With her trusty producer Tac orchestrating the beats, they sculpted harmonies that could be the envy of sirens. The entire experience? "It was like surfing the edge of a lightning bolt. It’s a new stylistic terrain for me, and I was revelling in every note," she recounts.

With age, like wine, Alya feels her music has matured. While her earlier pop-centric tracks possessed the energy of youth, today, at the cusp of adulthood, her sound resonates with the depth of soul and R&B. "From the inception of my musical journey, my heart pulsed to the rhythm of soulful notes," she confides. "Now, armed with deeper industry knowledge and a refined writing prowess, moulding the exact musical nuance I yearn for has become instinctive."

A beacon of excitement shines in her eyes as she discusses her latest alliance with Empire for her song release. The industry stalwarts around her, with their seasoned guidance, have always been her Northern Star, directing her career choices. And aligning with Empire? "It felt like fate penning down a harmonious chapter," Alya adds.

But as every tune has its crescendo, Alya is ready for her next big leap – the UK. Fuelled by dreams of placing an Emirati flag on the global musical map and arming herself with a degree in performing arts, she's set to embark on this new journey. There’s a tinge of melancholy in her voice, "Dubai, the city that pulses in my veins, I'll miss it. But come December, I'll be back, even if briefly, to the desert sands that have cradled my dreams."

One thing's for certain, as Alya strides ahead, she's set to script musical legends, one note at a time. And the world? Well, it better tune in.

'She Knows' is available September 1, 2023 on all download and streaming platforms worldwide.

Cover artwork for Alya's latest single 'She Knows'. Image supplied.

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August 31, 2023

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