A journey into music, creative process, passion for scores and soundtracks, and opinion on the promising UAE music industry.
Emirati musician and the brains behind the music project EMADI Ahmad Al Emadi developed a passion for music at a young age, when his father introduced him to rock and metal, as well as scores and soundtracks.

Ahmad was involved in several bands during his teenage years but abandoned music entirely for a full six years in adulthood after a "series of unfortunate events." "I needed an outlet, that one sole outlet was making music as it was the only way for me to express myself without articulating words or expressing myself verbally given that my music is primarily instrumental," the guitarist shares with Musivv.

EMADI in the studio. CTTO

Although his roots are in metal, or progressive metal, Ahmad enjoys experimenting with other musical genres. Scores and soundtracks are among his primary influences, as he finds them to be the purest form of emotion in music. He translates these influences into metal and seeks to keep his music as raw and genuine as possible.

Ahmad's creative process involves adhering to a strict timeline during each writing session. He uses whatever chords or notes arise during that timeline and doesn't replace them.

"I want to make sure whatever energy or emotion that was invoked during the process, remains intact," he expresses.

If a track is unfinished, he sets it aside until he can recapture the same energy and emotion during a subsequent session.

Ahmad's biggest dream as an artist is to perform live backed by an orchestra, which would be a fitting tribute to his passion for scores and soundtracks.

Looking ahead, Ahmad acknowledges that he once believed that there was no future or recognition for music in the UAE. However, his perception changed after being nominated for three categories at the Musivv Awards, including Emirati Artist of the Year, Debut Recording Artist of the Year, and Cover Artwork of the Year. "I can now say that the UAE music industry seems to be very promising and offers a lot of opportunities and recognition for the fruits of our labor as artists," Ahmad believes. "There's so much raw talent within the country that has been waiting to come out for years and I hope to see a lot more light being shed on those artists. Especially the sudden growing number of Emirati artists," he concludes.

EMIRATI is musivv's segment featuring Emirati artists. Features under this segment are eligible for a nomination under this category in the Musivv Awards’ annual recognition.

April 11, 2023

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